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If you love overhauling your house or base, crafting new furniture, or leveling your carpentry skill, then nails are small materials that play a significant role in those tasks. Do you know all the ways to acquire nails?

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This article will show you how to get nails in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, you can find nails almost everywhere, mostly in hardware stores, factories, tool sheds, and garages. The other way to get nails is to right-click on any furniture and select “Disassemble”, which requires a hammer, a saw, and carpentry skills.

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How to Get Nails in Project Zomboid

Nails are a crucial resource in Project Zomboid that must be collected for crafting recipes. Therefore, knowing where to find nails and how to obtain them is essential for surviving the game.

There are three ways to get nails in Project Zomboid: Open the boxes of nails, find them manually, or get them from the dismantling action.

Boxes of nails will give you 100 nails once used. They spawn in crates or storage locations. Those boxes of nails are rarer than the nails themselves, but the number of nails they contain and their weight reduction make them worth searching for.

To open the box of nails, right-click on it in your inventory and select “Open Box of Nails”.

Nails are almost everywhere in the game, especially in hardware stores, factories, tool sheds, and garages. The number of nails you find varies, as they’re between 7-20 nails per loot.

Nails may not always be available in the locations you search, but choosing the “Lucky” traits increases the chance of obtaining them by 10%.

On the other hand, dismantling furniture is the most sustainable method to get nails.

In general, you need to find and dismantle as much wooden furniture as possible to acquire nails. The most common items that Project Zomboid players prefer are fences, chairs, and tables.

To disassemble, right-click on the object and select “Disassemble”. This action requires you to equip the hammer. Some furniture will require a saw in addition.

A faster way to disassemble an object is to select the “Disassemble” icon (the last icon inside the brown cabinet) on the top left of the screen.

In addition, it’s beneficial to dismantle objects, as it helps level up your Carpentry skill considerably.

The number of nails you receive depends on your Carpentry skill level. At level 10 Carpentry, you can disassemble a wooden floor (which costs 1 nail to build) and get 3 nails back, or you can get 10+ nails from a large bed.

That’s how to get nails in Project Zomboid!

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