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A generator plays an important role in Project Zomboid since it can power your house or base.

In comparison, the generator book, or the “How to Use The Generator” manual, allows you to unlock the ability to use the generator. Both are vital. However, finding them might be a challenging task.

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This article will show you where to find a generator and generator book in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you can find the generator in warehouses, tool sheds, and occasionally self-storage facilities.

The generator book can be found in mailboxes, on bookshelves of houses, or in libraries and post offices.

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Where to Find a Generator in Project Zomboid

If you survive long enough in Project Zomboid, you may undergo a power outage period that lasts 14 days.

The lack of power will lead to the lack of water, which is a crucial element that can mean death to you. So it would be best if you looked for a solution.

And that’s where the generator comes for. The power outage is no longer thanks to the presence of the generator!

In Project Zomboid, the generator can be found in warehouses, tool sheds, and, occasionally, self-storage facilities.

No matter where you begin first in the game, there’s room for the generator.

There’s a chance of finding a generator in rooms in houses near your spawn point in West Point. If not, try to search in the warehouses nearby.

In Muldraugh, you can check some storage facilities, for example, L&B Warehousing or Stor-A-Max, for the generator.

There is a small industrial area where you might have a chance of obtaining the generator in Riverside. Otherwise, try to search in the storage buildings or factories.

In Rosewood, getting the generator in the house garages northeast of the fire station is common. In addition, construction sites and unfinished buildings may have generators stored on site for power tools and lighting.

To take the generator, right-click on it and select “Take Generator”.

You can carry the generator yourself, but it slows down your pace, which is really dangerous because this is the world of zombies.

Instead, try to find a vehicle, for example, a car. Then move the generator next to it, and drag it to the car’s inventory. Finally, bring the generator to where you want to power up, then select “Drop” to put it down.

Check out this tutorial in case you don’t know how to operate the generator.

Where to Find a Generator Book in Project Zomboid

Choosing the “Electrician” occupation in the early game allows you to use the generator without constraint. However, you need to read the generator magazine if you pick another job.

In Project Zomboid, there is a recipe magazine name “How to Use The Generator” that can unlock the ability to use the generator.

A “Luck” trait might be helpful to increase the chance of looting the magazine.

Remember to check the magazine racks at the gas station and convenience stores carefully, as this is where you may find the magazine.

The post office is the ideal place to mess around, as it contains multiple books and magazines, including the one you’re looking for.

Not to mention that there’s a chance to get the magazine in the mailboxes, so take a look at them while you’re outside exploring the world.

Right-click on the magazine and select “Take Magazine” to pick it up.

To read the How to Use The Generator magazine, open your inventory, right-click on the magazine, and select “Read Magazine”.

Once you have finished reading the magazine, it’s time to use the generator!

The magazine will remain in your inventory, so you can share it with your friends or use it as fuel in campfires.

That’s where to find a generator and generator book in Project Zomboid!

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