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If you love customizing your appearance in Project Zomboid, you must learn how to tailor. And tailoring requires fabrics as its primary materials. However, not all players know how to acquire them.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get fabric in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, fabric includes ripped sheets, denim, and leather strips. Ripped sheets are the most common item. as you can get them by cleaning dirty rags or tearing off casual clothes. The only way to obtain denim or leather strips is by ripping their corresponding clothes (denim and leather clothes).

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How to Get Fabric in Project Zomboid

Fabric in Project Zomboid refers to a material that can be obtained from various sources or looted. It serves as a foundation for tailoring, adding padding, or patching holes.

In Project Zomboid, fabric includes ripped sheets, denim strips, and leather strips. Now, let’s learn how to obtain each of them!

1. How to Get Ripped Sheets

Ripped sheets are one of the most common materials in Project Zomboid, as you can find them everywhere.

First, ripped sheets can be converted from dirty rags – their dirty variants. You can find dirty rags in the garbage bin or in the laundry.

Once you find the dirty rag, ensure you have a water container in your inventory. Next, right-click on the dirty rag and select “Clean Rag”, you’ll have a corresponding number of ripped sheets afterward.

On the other hand, the fastest way to obtain ripped sheets is to rip any type of clothing you can find (except for denim and leather clothes).

To tear clothes off, right-click on them and select “Rip Clothing” => “All” or “One”.

The number of ripped sheets you receive after ripping one cloth varies, but there are between 2-5 per time. Besides, there’s a chance of obtaining thread, a sign of earning XP for tailoring skill.

2. How to Get Denim Strips

Contrary to ripped sheets, you can’t find denim strips anywhere. In other words, the only way to get denim strips is to rip denim clothes.

Ripping denim clothes is similar to casual clothes, as you can right-click on the denim shirt or trousers and select “Rip Clothing” => “All” or “One”. However, this option isn’t available unless you have scissors in your inventory.

Scissors are found in most houses’ lockers, shelves, desks, and drawers.

The number of denim strips you receive each time is between 2-5 units, as is the chance of getting thread. Nevertheless, keep in mind that denim clothes are less common than casual clothes, so it’ll be a struggle to find them.

3. How to Get Leather Strips

Leather strips are the result of ripping leather clothes. This is also the only way to get leather strips.

Just like ripped sheets and denim strips, you can get receive leather strips by right-clicking on the leather clothes and selecting “Rip Clothing” => “All” or “One” (with the scissors as a requirement).

It’s more difficult to obtain leather strips since leather clothes are very uncommon in the game.

The most effective way to get leather clothes is to loot corpses (zombies that wear leather clothes) rather than search in houses.

You receive 2-6 leather strips per ripping, with a chance of getting thread.

That’s how to get fabric in Project Zomboid.

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