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In Project Zomboid, you have a lot of game mode options. Generally, most players prefer Apocalypse and Survivor to others.

However, it’s undeniable that each of them has a difference, and understanding the 2 modes is essential in determining the type of survival experience suitable for you.

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This post will explain the difference between Apocalypse and Survivor mode in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, Apocalypse mode is appropriate for players who prefer sneaking, while in Survivor mode, gameplay is set up for you to take on the undead more directly. Some settings in the Survivor mode are configured differently from the default Apocalypse, including RearVulnerability and Weapon Multi Hit, the Mini-map, and Strength.

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What is The Difference Between Apocalypse and Survivor Mode in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, you have 4 game modes when clicking Solo from the main screen. They are:

  • Apocalypse
  • Survivor
  • Builder
  • Custom Sandbox

Except for Custom Sandbox, which depends on your taste, Apocalypse and Survivor win our hearts more than Builder because of their challenging gameplay.

The Apocalypse game mode has stealth focus and short lifespan gameplay, so it’s best to avoid combat if possible, whereas the Survivor game mode offers powerful combat and a longer life span.

That being said, Apocalypse is appropriate for players who prefer sneaking, while in Survivor, you feel free to cope with the undead directly. However, those descriptions are vague and don’t tell us anything about settings.

Thus, we need to dive deep into the details. Here are all the different settings between 2 game modes:

1. Character

In the Character tab, the RearVulnerability setting for Survivor game mode is low. The default setting in Apocalypse is high, which means you have a higher chance of getting infected when you get hit by a zombie from behind.

Therefore, in Apocalypse mode, you should always watch your back, listen to sounds, and check the houses carefully.

Besides, the Weapon Multi Hit setting in Survivor mode is ticked, whereas, in Apocalypse, it isn’t.

This means that in Survivor, you can hit multiple zombies per swing, regardless of weapon. In Apocalypse, only specific weapons like Axe or Katana have this feature.

2. In-game Map

Survivor mode allows mini-map in the game, while Apocaplyse doesn’t.

Once chosen, the mini-map is displayed under the icons on the left side of the screen. It allows you to navigate and explore the game world more easily.

3. Zombie Lore

In the Strength setting, Survivor game mode is adjusted to Weak, while the default is Normal. In Survivor, the damage caused by the undead is less than in Apocalypse, so it’s less challenging to deal with them.

Survivor mode also disables Drag Down. It is a zombie mechanic that enables zombies to drag you down and feed on you if there are enough close to you, leading to death.

Therefore, in Apocalypse, try not to get surrounded and keep your distance from the undead.

That’s the five different settings between Apocalypse and Survivor mode in Project Zomboid!

Although all game modes are already set up to provide distinctive challenges, you can change them via the Custom Sandbox game mode.

To do this, first, left-click on Custom Sandbox game mode and check the Save Presets at the bottom. You’ll see the default game mode, Apocalypse, in the box, meaning that all settings in this mode are the game’s default.

Here, you can switch to Survivor or Builder mode to see their settings. You can check which settings differ from the default, as they’re displayed in yellow.

That’s the difference between Apocalypse and Survivor mode in Project Zomboid.

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