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In Project Zomboid, ensuring the efficient management of resources is vital, and the composter plays a crucial role. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to use the composter effectively.

In this guide, we will show you how to use the composter in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, the composter can be used as a high-capacity container and an item to convert rotten food to compost. Additionally, you can use the composter as a wall against zombies.

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How to Make Composter in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, a composter is a valuable tool for making organic waste and turning it into compost. Additionally, it can also be used as a craftable container or an improvised wall.

That said, the composter is one of the most functional items in the game. But before learning how to use it, let’s learn how to make it first!

It’s really easy to create the composter, as you simply right-click on the ground, then select “Carpentry” => “Furniture” => “Composter”.

However, you need the following requirements to complete your job:

  • At least level 2 carpentry: The fastest way to reach level 2 carpentry skill is to choose a Carpenter occupation, or you can try dismantling as many pieces of wooden furniture as possible.
  • 1 hammer: As a primary tool for carpentry products, you can find the hammer on metal shelves or in tool stores.
  • 5 planks: There are several ways to obtain planks in the game, which you can refer to from this post. We suggest sawing logs to get 5 planks quickly.
  • 4 nails: Similar to the hammer, nails are indispensable in the carpentry field. Nails are common in the game; you can find them mostly in hardware stores, factories, tool sheds, and garages.

Keep in mind that the composter can’t be placed in the buildings, so you must stay outside to make it.

How to Use Composter in Project Zomboid

Once you have completed crafting, you can use the compost for multiple purposes. Now, let’s get into the details!

1. Convert Compost

The primary function of the composter is to convert rotten food into compost, which you can then apply to your farms, allowing them to grow faster.

Basically, it takes a couple of weeks for perishable food (fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, dead rabbits, etc.) to turn rotten (you can check its condition by its name).

Once you have rotten food, put them all into the compost. It takes 2 weeks to convert the rotten food to compost, so it’s advisable to loot all the rotten food and put it into the compost as soon as possible.

Ensure you have the sack (empty sandbag or compost sack) in your inventory, which you can find in closets, factories, or farm areas. Then, wait for the compost inside the composter to reach at least 2.5%.

Right-click on the composter and select “Add Compost” => “Compost Bag”. Your character will grab a compost bag afterward, which you can use to fertilize your crops.

Each sack contains up to 10% compost from the composter and can be used multiple times. In addition, there’s a chance of 10% of the worms appearing in the composter, which can be used as bait for trapping and fishing.

2. Storage

As a craftable item, you can treat a composter as a container. It has a capacity of 50, making it one of the highest-capacity containers in the game, allowing you to store plenty of things.

To store items, you can left-click on the container to open its inventory, then open your inventory and drag the things between them.

3. Improvised Walls (Optional)

Finally, you can also use the composter as a wall, as zombies can’t go through it.

However, this method should only be applied when you are in a dire situation, and it can be quite time-consuming as you need to craft numerous composters to prevent zombies effectively.

Bear in mind that zombies can still pass through composters if they are built right next to walls, so the best way to improve composters is to surround yourself with them before engaging in combat with a horde of zombies. By doing so, zombies will be unable to pass through the composters, ensuring your complete safety.

That’s how to use a composter in Project Zomboid.

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