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Stairs are useful for ascending to the upper floor or creating bridges to other bases in specific situations.

However, there are times when stairs can unintentionally become a pathway for zombies to access your house. In such cases, how can you prevent this and protect your home?

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In Project Zomboid, you can destroy both pre-built and self-constructed stairs by right-clicking on them and selecting “Destroy” as long as you have the Sledgehammer in your inventory or enable Debug mode. Additionally, you can use the Disassemble button to dismantle the stairs, but this option is only available for self-built stairs.

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How to Destroy Stairs in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are two types of stairs: the pre-built stairs and the self-constructed ones.

While the pre-built stairs contain wooden and steel ones, the self-constructed stairs are only made of wood.

When it comes to demolishing stairs, you have 3 different options. However, it’s important to note that not all of these methods can be used on both types of stairs in Project Zomboid.

Additionally, while destroying the stairs can keep the zombies from accessing the floors, it also prevents you from going down. Therefore, preparing sheet ropes for descending in this situation is essential.

Now, let’s find out how to destroy stairs in Project Zomboid!

1. Use a Sledgehammer

Unlike windows or walls, which you can easily destroy using melee weapons or fire, the stairs are an exception.

No matter how many swings you perform or Molotov cocktails you throw, it won’t disappear, so you can’t apply these options to destroy stairs.

However, you can break down the stairs in the blink of an eye using the Sledgehammer.

Make sure you have already equipped the Sledgehammer, or it’s in your primary inventory, then right-click on the stairs and select “Destroy” to destroy it.

2. Use The Disassemble Button (Only For Self-Constructed Stairs)

In case you want to destroy the stairs without using the Sledgehammer, the Disassemble button is here to help.

Move your cursor to the cabinet icon on the left side of your screen and select the Disassemble choice, then move the green square to the tiles where the stairs are set on the ground until you notice a Disassemble pop-up window.

While dismantling the stairs doesn’t require a high Carpentry skill level, you either need a Saw or Garden Saw, along with the Screwdriver; otherwise, it’s unavailable.

Remember that this option only applies to self-constructed stairs; it does not affect the pre-built ones.

3. Use the Destroy Feature (Debug Mode)

The last option you can use to destroy the stairs in Project Zomboid is to use the Destroy feature via debug mode, which allows you to tear down not only the stairs but also other structures.

The way to use the Destroy feature is similar to that of using the Sledgehammer. However, you must enable debug mode by right-clicking on Project Zomboid (assuming you play the game via Steam) and selecting “Properties”.

After that, type in “-debug” in the bottom box of the General tab, and close the “Properties” window.

Open Project Zomboid, then right-click on the stairs and select “Destroy” to destroy them.

On one hand, the Destroy feature in debug mode allows for the quick removal of structures without the need for tools. On the other hand, it can take away from the game’s challenge and excitement.

Therefore, it should be the last choice when no other alternatives are available.

That’s how to destroy stairs in Project Zomboid.

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