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In Project Zomboid, chipped stones are the main ingredient for crafting stone tools. However, after a long day of looting, you’ll still end up with zero chipped stones in your inventory.

That is because chipped stones don’t spawn in normal containers, so knowing where you can acquire them is essential if you want to start making stone tools.

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The main way to get chipped stones in Project Zomboid is by foraging in the street, road, or park.

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How to Get Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid

In the current version of the game (Build 41), you can only obtain chipped stones in 2 ways: foraging and looting in the garage.

However, the latter method requires a lot of searching and is luck-based. Therefore, foraging is the most effective way to get chipped stones in Project Zomboid.

While several items require a certain level of foraging skill to be found, chipped stone requires nothing. It’s also a common material in the game and is abundant in most regions.

To start foraging for chipped stones, you should go to roads, streets, or parks because chipped stones are abundant in these regions.

If you spawn in the urban area, simply go outside and find the nearest road. Once you’re here, click the magnifying glass icon in the left corner or right-click on the ground and select “Investigate This Area”.

Next, open the “Search Focus” input and select the “Stones” category. This action increases the chance of finding items in the chosen category.

Since chipped stone belongs to the Stones category, you’ll likely find more of them.

You need to go around the street until you see a chipped stone lying on the ground, go near it, and then double-click on the pin icon to pick it up.

It’s worth noting that you can only obtain 1 chipped stone from each find.

So, to get more chipped stones in a short amount of time, try increasing your foraging range. This can be achieved by increasing your foraging level, wearing glasses (for Short Sighted trait), and crouching while foraging.

Unlike other forage items, the chance of finding chipped stone isn’t affected by weather (except snow) or time of the day. So, you can go out there and find chipped stones whenever you want.

That’s how to get chipped stone in Project Zomboid.

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