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Regardless of your car’s gasoline capacity, you need to bring fuel as a backup for long distances. Knowing how to fill up your car with that gas is, therefore, essential.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fill a car with gas in Project Zomboid.

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The 2 main ways to fill a car with gas in Project Zomboid are by choosing the refill option via the radial menu (V) or right-clicking on the car and selecting “Add Gasoline”. If you don’t see the “Add Gasoline” option, it could be because your car either lacks a gas tank or it’s completely full.

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How to Fill Car With Gas in Project Zomboid

First, you’ll need a Gas Can and a working car.

Gas Cans can be found in garages, warehouses, or storage facilities, while cars are common in the Project Zomboid world.

Try to find an intact car and avoid crashed cars, as they have their parts in a much lower condition. Once you’ve found your dream car, let’s learn how to fill it with gas!

1. Check The Gas Tank Condition

As mentioned, there are 2 cases in which the Add Gasoline option isn’t shown:

  • The gas tank is uninstalled.
  • The gas tank is full.

To check if the gas tank is uninstalled, stand in front of the car (near the hood), ensure you’re in the green rectangle, and press “E” to open the Vehicle Mechanics.

Move the cursor to the gas tank part at the bottom left of the pop-up. If it’s displayed as “Missing”, then you need to replace it or find a new car with a gas tank.

Also, you can’t fill the gas tank if your car is completely full of fuel. In that case, move the cursor to the gas tank part and check the gasoline value.

Alternatively, you can check the gasoline condition via the vehicle’s dashboard. Just enter the vehicle and choose the driver’s seat.

After hotwiring the car or putting the key into the ignition to power the car, look at the fuel indicator on the dashboard and see how much fuel is left.

2. Fill The Car With Gas

First, you can fill the car with gas by standing at the side of the car like you’re trying to get inside, pressing “V” to bring up the radial menu, then selecting “Add Gasoline”.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the car (aim the cursor at the window or the middle for better navigation), then select “Add Gasoline” => “Gas Can”.

Both options allow you to fill the gas tank without requiring the key, so you can find the key or hotwire the vehicle later.

That’s how to fill the car with gas in Project Zomboid.

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