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Located in the northeast, Louisville is the largest city in Project Zomboid. With a high zombie population of over 22,000, this city is a real challenge yet a rich place to loot for many players.

By default, when you create a new world, you can only choose 1 from the 4 available starting locations: West Point, Rosewood, Muldraugh, and Riverside.

So, how do you get to Louisville in Project Zomboid?

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To get to Louisville in Project Zomboid, drive along the highway or the railway southeast of West Point. Then, keep following the paths to head northeast to reach the Military Checkpoint. Once here, clear the zombies, open the gates, and move the barricades if needed to continue heading northeast to reach Louisville.

Alternatively, you can modify the spawn point or use mods to spawn directly inside Louisville.

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How to Get to Louisville in Project Zomboid

First of all, you should know that Louisville is surrounded by a long barbed wire fence. This line of fence spread across the map, and unlike other tall fences in the game, you can’t hold “E” to climb this fence.

Fortunately, the game is kind enough to provide various ways to get into Louisville. Here are three ways to do so!

1. Travel by Car

You can get to Louisville by traveling either by foot or car. But obviously, a car is preferred because of its high speed and versatility.

Since the entire run of Project Zomboid occurs on a single map, you can always get to Louisville, regardless of your starting location.

However, it’s recommended to pick West Point or Muldraugh, as they’re much closer to Louisville than the other two.

Take your time and choose the starting location carefully, as it’s not easy to deal with a massive horde of zombies in West Point.

Once you have a car with fuel and some essential supplies, go to the highway located southeast of West Point. If you’re in another starting location, then just drive to West Point first.

On the highway, look for the railway and follow that path. Don’t worry since the train isn’t a thing in Project Zomboid just yet.

The reason you should follow the railway but not drive on the main highway is that most of the time, the bridge in the highway will be blocked by several car wrecks.

So, try to avoid this route unless you have a propane torch and some propane fuels.

When you go past the bridge, you can either drive on the railway or take the highway again.

1. The Offical Way

After passing the bridge, just drive northeast until you see the Military Checkpoint with barbed wire fences and several barricades blocking the path.

If you choose to drive on the railway, you’ll come across the train station. In this case, drive northwest, and you’ll eventually come across the Military Checkpoint.

Here’s a challenging part: you must get out of the car several times to open gates and pick up (or disassemble) the barricades.

These actions are simple enough. However, the real problem is the zombies.

So, remember to drive slowly and take out any zombies on the way here, if possible, especially any zombie hordes that are near the Military Checkpoint’s entrance.

Once you go past the Military Checkpoint, go northeast again and pass the refugee camps to get to Louisville.

2. The Sneaky Way

If you don’t want the official way, then pick the railway route.

Once you reach the train station, keep heading northeast and stay close to the railway. As the train station is away from your sight and you reach the last train, turn left to head north.

There will be a small forest here; just keep driving until you see a gap in the barbed wire fences. If you drive carefully, you can fit your vehicle through the forest and enter the broken fences to reach the refugee camps.

Once you pass through the refugee camps, drive northeast to get to Louisville.

It’s worth noting that the second path has fewer zombies and risks, so if you’re running low on resources, try this method.

In addition, the refugee camp is a great place to loot metal drums. They serve as excellent water container sources, and each metal drum can contain 800 units of water, which is double the amount of a normal rain collector barrel.

Alternatively, a sledgehammer is a great tool to destroy fences and barricades.

2. Modify the Spawn Point (Multiplayer)

Besides traveling, you can actually modify your spawn point in Project Zomboid in multiplayer mode.

On the main menu, select “Host” => “Manage Settings”. Then, choose your server on the left panel and click on the “Edit Selected Settings” on the right panel.

In the INI section, select the “Spawn Regions” tab. Next, simply fill in the coordinate in the “SpawnPoint” input at the bottom.

To get the coordinates, check out this post. Typically, Louisville has a coordinate set between [12000,1250,0] and [14000,3280,0].

With this method, you have the flexibility to spawn anywhere you like inside Louisville, including the school, gun shops, or even factories.

3. Use Mods (Singleplayer + Multiplayer)

Using mods is by far the most efficient way to spawn in Louisville, and our recommendation is the Louisville Spawnpoints mod.

The mod adds Louisville as a starting location to both single-player and multiplayer modes.

While modifying the spawn point using the second method forces you and your friends to spawn at a specific location, this mod provides over 26 random starting locations inside Louisville.

So, get ready to survive in the most difficult place in Project Zomboid!

That’s how to get to Louisville in Project Zomboid.

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