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In Project Zomboid, communication is important for teamwork, and one excellent way to express yourself is through emotes. However, not all players know how to use it effectively.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to use emotes in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can hold Q to use the emotes. There are 5 primary emote categories: shout, friendly, hostile, group, and signal.

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How to Use Emotes in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, emotes are gestures and expressions that you can use to communicate and express your feelings to other players in the game.

They allow you to interact using predefined actions, such as waving, pointing, or even showing character emotions.

By default, you can enable the emotes menu by holding the “Q” button. Still, you can change it according to your liking by pressing “ESC” when you’re in the game, then selecting “Options” => “Key Bindings” tab. Next, find the “NPC Interaction” section and change the “Q” button in the EmoteWheel box.

Changing the using emotes hotkey is advisable since you don’t want to accidentally press it once and shout a horde of zombies right at your feet.

That said, although you can use this feature in both game modes (single-player and multiplayer), it takes more effect in multiplayer.

First, you can shout by pressing “Q” once, which makes your character yell (displayed by the text over the head). This action means a lot in causing zombie attention, especially when you’re in a new building and have no idea what’s inside.

Alternatively, you can hold “Q” to open up the emotes menu, which shows 5 primary gestures and several corresponding secondary gestures. To select which gesture you want, simply click on it.

Each gesture has its purpose, as shown in the table below:

Primary GesturesSecondary GesturesPurposes
ShoutNoneAttract the attention of nearby players or zombies and alert players to potential dangers.
FriendlyWave Hi
Thumbs Up
Thank You
Establish positive interactions, express friendliness, greet, and show appreciation to other players.
Thumbs Down
Show unfriendly or aggressive behavior towards other players. These gestures are used to intimidate, command, or show disapproval.
GroupFollow Me
Come Here
Give directions, express agreement or disagreement, indicate uncertainty, or show a sense of being undecided.
SignalCease Fire
Move Out
Follow Behind
Coordinate actions, organize teamwork, show agreement or compliance, and share important information with teammates.

Each gesture has a distinct purpose, so you should choose the appropriate one to transfer the messages and intentions effectively.

Using the wrong gesture can result in misunderstandings and misinterpretations, leading to trouble and making the circumstances more challenging.

Besides, you can also install more mods, such as dance mods, and use them via the emotes menu.

That’s how to use emotes in Project Zomboid!

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