Project Zomboid – Can You Sleep in a Car? & How to Do It

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In Project Zomboid, sleeping is a survival activity that has a strong effect. The lack of sleep can cause a lot of severe and terrible results.

One of the biggest challenges that you may face is finding a place to sleep.

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A car, as many of us don’t think of, is a reliable place for napping, but it requires preparation and planning.

In this article, let’s see how to sleep in a car in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, you can sleep in a car. To rest, you have to get inside the car, then press “V” to show the vehicle’s radial menu, and select the “ZZZ” option to sleep in a car.

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Can You Sleep in a Car in Project Zomboid

Yes, you can sleep in a car in Project Zomboid.

However, we’d strongly recommend finding a house or base to sleep in if possible.

Nearby sounds, such as zombies smashing down doors or windows, may awaken you if they are loud enough or close enough. You can also be awoken by hypothermia or hyperthermia.

Sleeping in a car is more dangerous than in a house, as it easily attracts zombies’ attention.

In addition, sleeping in the car may affect the sleeping duration and cause other symptoms.

You may become fatigued if you do not rest enough, and melee damage can be reduced by up to 95%.

Furthermore, the vision cone and awareness radius will both narrow significantly. Endurance regeneration will reduce as well.

To avoid zombies bothering you at midnight, you can park the car either near the side of other cars or buildings. The way you blend your car, among other obstacles, will stop zombies from being able to attack you.

How to Sleep in a Car in Project Zomboid

If you want to nap in a car, follow the steps below.

1. Find a Car

Of course, you can’t sleep in a car without one. So you must find and get it first.

The car can be found throughout the game in parking spaces, driveways, highways, or roads.

Once you get a car, remember to check it carefully to avoid any damage. Then press “E” when you stand in front of it to check. If the car’s condition is too bad, we suggest finding a new one.

Zombies may come and hit the car while you are sleeping, so be sure you have a high percentage of capacity in your fuel or battery to run away quickly, or you’ll be in serious trouble.

2. Get in the Car

When you first see a car, you must figure out whether it’s unlocked.

Some locked cars require a key to open.

The first thing to do is to check the immediate area. If you find a car in a parking area, go and spot the nearby building for a key.

You should check the underground if your car is on the highways or roads. Once you get the key, let’s hop right in!

There’s always a backup in case you’re unable to get the key. You can get in the car by smashing the window.

Stand in front of the car, right-click on the window, and choose “Smash Front Left/Right Window”. However, you’d better equip the weapon first, or you can get yourself hurt.

Not to mention that breaking the window to gain access to the car will set off the car alarm, which may attract zombies.

In addition, the broken window can not protect you from zombie attacks.

3. Sleep in the Car

Press “V” when you are already in the car to enable the vehicle’s radial menu.

Select the “Sleep” option, which is displayed as the “ZZZ” sign. Then choose “Yes” when the pop-up appears.

There is a spinning clock animation after that. When the black screen turns out, you’re fully asleep.

Keep in mind that you can’t sleep if you see the line “Not tired to sleep yet.” So you should go out and do some other things, then get back and re-select it.

That’s how to sleep in a car in Project Zomboid!

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