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In Project Zomboid, weapons play a crucial role in survival.

However, using weapons extensively can cause them to degrade and damage, leading to a durable reduction.

So, knowing how to repair weapons is an essential skill you must learn to ensure your weapons stay in top condition and remain effective against the undead.

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This article will show you how to repair weapons in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, you can repair weapons by right-clicking them in your inventory, selecting “Repair <Weapon Name>”, and then choosing available repair options. Melee weapons require at least level 2 of Carpentry skill and items such as duct tape, glue, wood glue, adhesive tape, or scotch tape. Firearms require the same weapon type to be repaired (pistol to repair pistol, shotgun to repair shotgun,…), as well as a minimum of level 3 in the Aiming skill.

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How to Repair Weapons in Project Zomboid

First, you know when the weapon needs repair by checking its green condition bar.

There are several weapons in Project Zomboid, but they are in two categories: melee and ranged.

In Project Zomboid, you can’t restore the weapon to its original condition, so you can’t repair it completely. Also, it’s wise to start a repair process when the weapons are almost broken to save materials.

When the repair action is chosen, the drop-down menu will appear with a list of different repair materials. Hovering over a given repair material also displays the “Potentially Repair” and “Chance of Success” percent values.

The “Potentially Repair” value indicates how much the material can repair the weapon’s condition, while “Chance Of Success” shows the probability of a successful repair.

Each type of weapon has a different requirement to fix, so the following guidelines will show you what you need to do.

How to Repair Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid

Most melee weapons can be repaired, except for the katana.

To repair a melee weapon, you need the following:

  • At least level 2 of Carpentry skill if you repair with wood glue
  • One of these materials: Wood glue, duct tape, glue, adhesive tape, or scotch tape

It’s pretty easy to reach level 2 Carpentry skills in Project Zomboid.

In the early game, you can choose the “Carpenter” occupation to get 3 points for Carpentry skills. Otherwise, you can build sturdy sticks or disassemble furniture to earn experience.

Wood glue is the best repair material for weapons in Project Zomboid.

A full bottle of wood glue can be used to repair up to five times. You also need 1-2 charges of wood glue to get a 50% repair chance for the first time on most weapons.

Duct tape is a versatile item with multiple uses and can be used repeatedly until the roll is depleted.

It provides a repaired percentage of 25%-50% (depending on the weapon) the first time. You need 1-2 uses of duct tape to repair.

Glue has five uses, giving between 10-25% percent of the repair for the first use of a weapon. You need to use the glue 2-3 times to repair a weapon.

The scotch tape can be used only once until the roll runs out. It gives 5% repair for the first repair of a weapon.

The best place to find the wood glue is at the West Point, KY hardware store.

Wood glue, duct tape, and glue are available in storage cupboards in houses, boxes in warehouses, and sheds.

Scotch tape, or adhesive tape, can be found in desks, cupboards, storage crates, sheds, or glove boxes of vehicles.

Remember that the repaired percentages above are only applied the first time you repair that particular weapon, meaning that “Potentially Repair” will go down for each repair you do on the same weapon.

In fact, you should only repair rare and valuable weapons like axes and sledgehammers. The rest is easily obtainable and replaceable on your journey.

Apart from others, the spiked baseball bat can be repaired with a nail for 10% repair.

When you gather everything necessary, press “I” to open your inventory and check the weapon’s condition. Next, right-click on the weapon, select “Repair <Weapon Name>”, and choose the repair material.

The repairing process will occur after that. Keep doing so until it reaches the top condition, displayed at the full green condition bar.

How to Repair Guns in Project Zomboid

The process of repairing guns differs from that for melee weapons.

To get the gun repaired, you need the following:

  • At least level 3 Aiming skill
  • Two variants of the weapon you want to repair in your inventory

Choosing “Police Officer” grants you 3 points for the aiming skill, while “Veteran” offers 2 points.

Additionally, you can level up your aiming skill by hitting zombies with guns successfully. The higher the aiming skill level, the lower the chance the firearms will lose their conditions.

Repairing the guns differs from the melee weapons in that it requires the same type of gun you want to fix in your inventory. In other words, you must find another gun similar to the one you want to repair.

You can find guns in gun stores, police stations, closets, drawers, and wardrobes in houses.

Once you have two guns, put them in your inventory, then right-click on the gun and select “Repair <Gun Name>”. When the process finishes, the gun will restore 50% of its condition while the other is consumed.

That’s how to repair weapons in Project Zomboid!

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