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In a post-apocalyptic world like Project Zomboid, every factor can matter to your survival. Even a task like drying clothes can become crucial to your strategy.

Therefore, learning how to dry clothes is a necessary skill that can make a difference.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to dry clothes in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, there are 2 ways to dry clothes. You can either find a place where you won’t get wet and let your clothes dry passively or use the clothes dryer. In general, it’s better to let wet clothes passively dry than using the clothes dryers.

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How to Dry Clothes in Project Zomboid

Letting your clothes get wet can lead to Cold, Hypothermia, and Wet moodles. Those moodles are reasons for overexertion, sickness, sneezing, and coughing, making your life in the game more challenging.

To check whether your clothes are wet, move the cursor to them (the ones you’re wearing, bottom-most in your inventory) and check the Wet condition bar. This bar will increase when you’re outside in the rain, exercising, and become “Soaked” when it reaches the peak.

Now, let’s see what you can do when your clothes get wet!

1. Let Them Dry Passively

Generally, your wet clothes can dry themselves as long as you find a house and avoid staying outside, running, jogging, or doing any activity that makes you sweat.

In that case, you should sit down and wait a bit for the clothes to dry. For clothes to dry passively, it takes approximately 50 minutes in the game (around 2 minutes in real life).

2. Use the Clothes Dryer

In Project Zomboid, the clothes dryer is an appliance that allows players to dry their clothes efficiently, thus reducing the risk of getting sick.

You can find clothes dryers mostly in houses, but not all houses have them. The clothes dryer usually spawns near the clothes washer (the washing machine).

Make sure it’s connected to the power source, which you can check by trying to turn it on or off.

To dry your wet clothes, you need to drag them from your inventory to the clothes dryer’s inventory. Next, click “Turn On” at the top of the clothes dryer’s inventory window, or simply right-click on it and select the “Turn On” option.

Move the cursor to the clothes to check their current condition. It takes 2:20 in-game hours to completely dry clothes in “Soaked” condition.

That said, although the clothes dryer is specifically designed for drying clothes, it seems less effective than passively drying. It also requires electricity to operate, so option one works best in most cases.

That’s how to dry clothes in Project Zomboid.

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