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In a zombie-filled world like Project Zomboid, being chased by hordes is an inevitable reality.

In some cases, you’ll encounter obstacles like fences, and if you don’t know how to get past them quickly, the zombies can catch up to you and attack. Thus, learning how to jump fences is important to surpass the undead.

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This guide will explain the 4 ways to jump fences in Project Zomboid!

The first way to jump fences in Project Zomboid is to right-click on the ground, choose “Walk To”, and select the tile on the other side of the fence. The second way is to stay close to the fences and press “E”. The third and fourth ways involve jogging (hold “Shift” while moving) or sprinting (hold “Alt” while moving) toward the fence to jump over it.

Although you can jump over small fences (the ones that have a shorter or equal height to you) using the 4 methods above, the only way to jump over a tall fence is to press “E” while staying next to it.

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How to Jump Fences in Project Zomboid

Fences in Project Zomboid refer to structures made of either wood or metal that serve as barriers and deterrents to the undead.

These fences are essential defensive components in the game, as they keep the undead far from your base.

In Project Zomboid, several structures, such as police stations, residential houses, prisons, and farmhouses, are covered by fences. These places are also ideal for building a secure base.

There are 4 ways to jump fences in Project Zomboid:

1. Walk To Method

First, you can right-click on the ground, select “Walk To“, then choose the tile on the other side of the fences. Your character will automatically jump fences to reach that tile.

This action only works on certain small fences and when the path between two points isn’t connected. Otherwise, your character will just walk to another point or can’t jump at all.

2. Press the Climb Keys

Second, you can use W/A/S/D to stay close to the fence, then press “E” to jump over it.

This method works for almost every fence in the game except for the 9-foot wired fences that typically cover prisons.

3. Jogging

Third, you can also jump fences when you’re jogging. To jog, hold “Shift” while using the W/A/S/D keys. Your character will automatically jump fences when jogging.

4. Sprinting

Finally, you can also jump fences while sprinting. To enable sprint mode, hold “ALT” while using W/A/S/D. Your character will automatically jump fences when sprinting.

Keep in mind that sprinting costs more endurance than jogging, so you might be exhausted before reaching the fence. In that case, you need to take a rest before jumping again.

Key Tips For Jumping Fences in Project Zomboid

It’s worth noting that not all fences can be applied 4 ways to jumps.

Generally, if the fences have a height that is lower or equal to yours (except for Metal Wall Frames), then you can apply all 4 methods. Otherwise, the only way to jump high fences is to press “E”.

The following table will show you explicitly which jumping methods you can use for each type of fence, where “x” indicates jumping possibility:

Fence Type1 – Walk To2 – Press E3 – Jogging4 – Sprinting
Barbed Fencexxxx
Wooden Fencexxxx
Pole Fencexxxx
Wired Fencexxxx
Big Wired Fencex
Big Pole Fencex

In Build 41, zombies can climb over fences. However, it’s impossible for them to jump over tall fences.

Some specific moodles affect how you jump fences. Specifically, if you suffer from Heavy Load, there’s a high chance (up to 52%) that you can’t climb over tall fences.

A 9-foot wired fence in Project Zomboid

Carrying too much also prevents you from jogging or sprinting, so you can’t apply these methods to jump, even over small fences.

There’s also no guarantee that you will successfully climb over tall fences when you’re Panicked on the first try.

Moreover, suffering any endurance severity also leads to the unavailability of jumping, as you can’t jog or sprint while you’re at low endurance.

That’s how to jump fences in Project Zomboid.

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