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In Project Zomboid, building walls is a smart move to defend yourself and improve your chances of staying alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

In this guide, let’s discuss what walls are best to build in Project Zomboid!

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The best walls to build in Project Zomboid are Log Walls, level 1 Metal Walls, level 2 Wooden Walls, and level 1 Metal Windows, in our opinion.

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Which Walls Are Best to Build in Project Zomboid?

While walls and fences are designed to protect your base and your properties, it’s worth knowing the difference between them.

Basically, walls are more protective and secure than fences. They have more HP, so zombies have a harder time breaking them. Climbing through the walls is impossible both for you and the undead.

A wall does, however, cost more materials and has more requirements than a fence. On top of that, walls restrict your vision cone, so you can’t see what’s behind them.

Carpentry and Metalworking skills play a primary role in building walls, depending on what material you want. Therefore, you should learn how to level up your Carpentry and Metalworking skills first.

Moreover, consider choosing the Handy trait, as it adds 100 HP to all constructions, including walls.

Let’s set up some criteria before diving deep into the best walls!

Criteria to Determine the Best Walls in Project Zomboid

Read on to learn what criteria we use to determine the best walls in Project Zomboid:

1. Durability

The most important aspect of a wall is its durability. In other words, how strong the wall is against zombie attacks.

In Project Zomboid, each wall has its own HP, and the durability of the walls will be shown through this. However, you can only understand this through experience because the walls’ HP isn’t shown in the game.

2. Crafting Requirement

It’s clear that better walls require more materials. However, when you’re poor in the early stages of the game, finding resources just to build high-quality walls might not be the best priority.

3. Upgradability

Check if the walls can be upgraded to stronger versions. This can be essential for long-term survival as you progress through the game.

Top 4 Best Walls To Build in Project Zomboid

First and foremost, our picks of the best walls in Project Zomboid rely on our previous experience and situations, so we recommend taking them as a reference.

Depending on specific situations, you may have other better options.

1. Log Wall

The first best wall to build in Project Zomboid is the Log Wall.

One of its impressive advantages is its straightforward building process. Unlike other walls, you can construct it directly without building the frame, saving a lot of time and resources.

Speaking of resources, the Log Wall is one of the cheapest options. It doesn’t require any particular skill level; you only need 4 Logs and Ripped Sheets to build it.

These materials are easily accessible, making it an ideal choice even in the early game.

However, it’s essential to note that the log wall only has average durability. Also, it can’t be upgraded to a better version. As time passes and the number of zombies increases, its limited durability might become a concern.

In such a case, you should look for other wall options that offer better protection for your base.

2. Metal Wall Level 1

The next best wall is the Metal Wall Level 1, which possesses 250 HP, making it one of the most effective choices available.

Depending on the frame you use, each Metal Wall’s total HP can be either 300 (with a Wooden Frame) or 370 (with a Metal Frame). Additionally, it only requires a level 2 Metalworking skill to construct, and obtaining this skill is relatively easy, making the high HP wall accessible to most of us.

However, despite the upgrade availability to level 2, which comes with even better HP, the upgrade process requires a Metalworking skill level 8, which is obviously a challenging task.

Acquiring level 8 in Metalworking is somewhat of an achievement. Our previous experience proves that our characters often die before reaching this milestone.

On top of that, the only drawback of this wall is the number of Propane Torch units required for construction. Each Metal Wall at level 1 needs 7 units of Propane Torch, which is a terrible problem, especially since there’s no Propane Tank nearby.

3. Wooden Wall Level 2

Wooden Wall has 3 levels, and level 2 is the optimal one. Why?

The Wooden Wall level 2 contains a pretty high HP, especially when constructed on a Metal Frame, providing a total HP of 320, which is relatively comparable to the Metal Wall level 1 (370).

Moreover, the crafting requirements for building this wall are easily accessible, requiring a level 4 Carpentry skill, 2 Planks, and 4 Nails. Reaching level 4 Carpentry skill can be done effortlessly by selecting the right occupation and trait, while Nails and Planks are extremely common resources.

The Wooden Wall level 2 also allows for an upgrade to level 3, offering slightly better HP, but it demands level 7 Carpentry skill.

Generally, reaching level 7 Carpentry is not too difficult compared to metalworking. Still, as the game progresses into the late stages, most of us prefer barricading our bases with metal instead of wooden walls.

4. Metal Window Level 1

The final wall to consider is the Metal Window level 1. This wall serves as a fence and offers the essential ability to climb through, which is a backup option in emergency situations.

Also, the Metal Window provides a defense strategy, allowing you to shoot at zombies while staying safe inside your base.

When it comes to crafting requirements, the Metal Window has both positive and negative aspects. While level 5 Metalworking is achievable, finding 3 Metal Sheets for the wall might be a true problem.

In that case, we strongly advise combining 1 Metal Window level 1 with other wall types rather than building all of them to save resources.

The ultimate feature of the Metal Window is its ability to be barricaded. By barricading the metal window with a Metal Sheet or Metal Bar, each providing 5000 HP, your Metal Window Wall becomes nearly indestructible.

Not to mention that barricaded doors or windows do not receive damage until the barricade is entirely removed or destroyed, greatly increasing the total level of protection.

Those are the best walls to build in Project Zomboid.

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