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The Spear is one of the best weapons you can use in Project Zomboid.

Although it has poor durability and average damage, it possesses special abilities and offers a long-range attack. Moreover, Spears are easy to craft and lightweight, making them ideal for backup.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a Spear in Project Zomboid.

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Crafting a Spear requires either 1 unit of the Tree Branch or the Plank and any type of Knife. To make a Spear in Project Zomboid, you can either right-click on Tree Branches, Planks, or any Knife and select “Create Spear” => “One/All”.

Alternatively, you can click on the hammer and ruler icon on the left side of your screen, or press “B” to open up the Crafting menu, and select the “Survivalist” tab, which displays all possible Spear recipes you can craft. Finally, click “Craft One” or “Craft All” to make a Spear.

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How to Make a Spear in Project Zomboid

Besides being used as a weapon, a Spear can be used for fishing. Therefore, you should craft one not only for defense but also for food gathering purposes.

Crafting a Spear can be done with ease, and the best part is that you can upgrade it into many variants, making it versatile and convenient for survival.

Prerequisite Tools and Materials

Here’s the list of tools and materials you need to craft a Spear in Project Zomboid:

  • Tree Branch: a primary material for crafting a Spear. You can get Tree Branches by chopping trees.
  • Plank: is the other choice in case you don’t have Tree Branches in your inventory. The best way to obtain Planks is by sawing Logs.
  • Knife: is used to shape the Plank/Tree Branch and convert it into the Crafted Spear. Any of the Chipped Stone, Hunting Knife, Kitchen Knife, Machete, Meat Cleaver, and Stone Knife can be used to craft the Spear.
  • Duct Tapes (optional): are required to stick additional attachments to your Crafted Spear. You can find them in cupboards, warehouses, or sheds.
  • Additional Attachments: You can make your Crafted Spear even deadlier by attaching sharpened tools or weapons to it.

There are 13 tools and materials that can be attached to the Crafted Spear, including:

  • Bread Knife
  • Butter Knife
  • Fork
  • Letter Opener
  • Scalpel
  • Spoon
  • Scissors
  • Hand Fork
  • Screwdriver
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Hunting Knife
  • Machete
  • Ice Pick

These tools and weapons are extremely common in Project Zomboid, allowing you to create plenty of different, high-damage spears.

Let’s Make a Spear!

When you have all the required materials and tools in your inventory, you can either right-click on the Tree Branches, Planks, or any type of Knife and select “Create Spear” => “One/All” to make a/several spear(s).

Each action costs you 1 Plank or 1 Tree Branch. If you have both Planks and Tree Branches in your inventory, the Planks are used first.

To attach the additional attachments, ensure you have at least 2 units of Duct Tape in your inventory, which you can verify by checking the remaining line in the item description.

Next, right-click on the Crafted Spear or Duct Tape to view all available additional attachments, then select “Attach Tool/Weapon to Spear”.

You can also view all the possible Spear recipes and craft them via the Crafting menu.

First, press “B” or click on the hammer and ruler on the left side of the screen to bring up the Crafting menu, then choose the “Survivalist” tab.

In the following panel, you’ll see all the eligible Spear recipes. To make a Spear, select the recipe you want and click “Craft One” or “Craft All”.

Keep in mind that the condition and durability of the Spear depend significantly on Carpentry and Maintenance skills. Therefore, it’s advisable to level up these skills first to enhance the quality of the Spear.

That’s how to make a Spear in Project Zomboid.

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