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In Project Zomboid, trees and bushes are valuable resources for survival. They provide you with wood and foraging opportunities, but have you ever considered whether they will grow back after you’ve chopped them down?

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In this article, you’ll get the answer to the question, “Do Trees Grow Back?” and learn what to do after that.

In Project Zomboid, trees do grow back. You can change the growing speed of trees via the “Erosion” option in the Sandbox setting. Remember that changing the erosion speed to slower or faster will come up with pros and cons.

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Do Trees Grow Back in Project Zomboid

If you want to craft furniture or board up your house, you have to chop down trees.

That’s why the presence of trees in the game is undeniable, as they provide the largest source of wood supply and serve as a training ground for your axe skill and a strategic place to hide from the undead.

Erosion Setting

All the trees you chopped down will grow back after a set number of days, and luckily the Erosion setting allows you to modify the number of days to regrow.

To enable the “Erosion” feature, first, you need to click on the “Solo” option on the main screen, then select “Custom Sandbox” and click “Next”. After choosing your spawn location, a Sandbox Option shows all the features you can customize. Click on the “Nature” section and select “Erosion Speed”.

The “Erosion Speed” literally changes the number of days that all trees and plants reach 100% growth. You can choose the 5 following options:

  • Very Fast (20 days)
  • Fast (50 days)
  • Normal (100 days) (Default)
  • Slow (200 days)
  • Very Slow (500 days)

Alternatively, you can manually select the day you want all the trees and plants to reach full growth by entering the number of days in the “Erosion Days” input.

The maximum number of days you can type in is 36500 days, which is equal to 100 years, while setting the value -1 in the box means that trees and plants won’t grow anymore. Leaving it blank or typing 0 will make the setting default.

Advantages and Downside of Erosion Setting

Erosion is a feature in the game that primarily has a visual impact, contributing to the post-apocalyptic environment by creating a sense of overgrowth and decay. Thus, it requires you to adapt to and maintain your environment.

Speaking of the downside, the “Erosion” in general and the growth of trees, in particular, might be a big deal for your survival.

As time goes by, trees and tall grass can block vehicles’ paths, making travel more difficult. Zombies can hide behind trees, making them a potential danger for someone unaware of their surroundings.

Removing vines and tall grass requires time and effort but gives no reward.

If you choose the “Fast” or “Very Fast” option, trees have a rapid growth rate that exceeds your ability to keep up with them, and they may even grow underneath your vehicles, making them unavailable to use.

On the other hand, the growth of trees provides a renewable source of logs and branches for crafting. You’ll no longer have to worry about running out of resources.

The Erosion creates cracks in the walls, streets, and sidewalks. Although they do not damage any structure, they add to the game’s atmosphere and realism.

Tall grass can be used for hiding and covering, but it can also be removed with a shovel.

That’s all about trees in Project Zomboid.

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