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Bleeding is what you suffer from unfortunate accidents or a bloody fight with the undead in Project Zomboid. If you don’t know how to treat yourself properly, you might end up creating a new character.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to stop bleeding in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, each injury has a different severity, so you need to evaluate that injury first to choose the most effective method. Depending on the injuries, you can immediately apply Bandage to stop bleeding. Otherwise, you have to use a Splint, Needle, and Bottle of Disinfectant to prevent the wound from bleeding.

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How to Stop Bleeding in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, bleeding is one of the most common moodles, displayed at the 3 units of blood icon on the right side of your screen. Bleeding always comes along with pain or injured moodles.

Bleeding on a particular body part changes your movement behavior, reducing your performance on tasks.

While bleeding can be healed with medical items, in such a situation, its severity makes the wound keep bleeding, even when you’re treated.

Traits, particularly Fast Healer and Small Healer, affect how fast the wound is healed.

Most types of injuries cause bleeding, and each of them might require different treatment.

Therefore, to provide a comprehensive, valuable guide, we’ll list all the inquiries that cause bleeding and what you need to do in each situation.

But first, let’s gather some necessary items!

Prerequisite Tools and Items to Stop Bleeding

Below are all the items that could possibly be used to prevent bleeding:

  • Bandage, Adhesive Bandage, Ripped Sheet: Primary items for any bleeding injury. These items are available in medical stores, counters, and first-aid kits.
  • Bourbon, Bottle of Disinfectant: Both can be used to disinfect the wound. Bourbon can be found on bar counters and in the kitchen, while a Bottle of Disinfectant is distributed in pharmacies or medical cabinets.
  • Splint, Needle, and Thread: Splint, Needle, and Thread are required to stitch wounds. The needle is found in the sewing kits, Splint is craftable, and Thread can be found by ripping clothes.

There are 10 injuries in Project Zomboid, and 7 of them cause bleeding, so let’s go over each one to figure out how to stop it!

1. Bitten

Being bitten by zombies leads to moderate health loss, bleeding, and pain.

The neck, upper torso, and arms are body parts that zombies like biting, so prepare yourself first by adding patching to these areas. Tailoring skill plays a vital role in this case.

If left untreated, it might take more than a day to kill you. Hopefully, a clean bandage, in this case, can stop the bleeding.

To use a bandage, right-click on the bitten body part, and select “Bandage” => “<Bandage Type>”.

The good news is that your wound is no longer bleeding, and your health is regenerating again. But the bad news is that you are infected, and there’s no way to give it up. In that case, check out this post to learn what to do.

2. Deep Wound

Deep wounds occur when you smash windows without being armed, fall below ground, or walk through glass without shoes.

Feet, forearms, and arms are the most susceptible parts of your body.

Applying a bandage for the first time is nothing but costly. Instead, you need a needle and thread to solve the problem.

To stitch deep wounds, right-click on them and select “Stitch” => “Needle + Thread”. After that, you need to add a bandage to the wound to reduce pain and allow the wound to heal.

3. Lodged Bullet and Lodged Glass Shard

Lodged Bullets often happen in multiplayer when you get shot by other players. All body parts can be shot, so there’s no restriction.

When breaking the window with your hands or walking around the tiles without shoes, you will get stuck with glass shards. Unlike being shot, the feet and forearms are the most vulnerable parts to the glass shards.

After being shot, the pain and the chance of being infected increase drastically. In that case, right-click on the wound and select “Remove Bullet” => “Tweezers” or do it with your bare hands.

After that, you should apply the Botte of Disinfectant directly to the wound to lower the chance of infection.

Finally, stitch the wound and add a bandage like how you treat a deep wound.

4. Scratched and Lacerated

In most cases, you’ll be scratched and lacerated by zombies. However, other reasons include breaking windows or colliding with trees or obstacles while driving.

That said, the chance of getting these injuries is spread across all your body parts.

Dealing with scratched and lacerated is pretty simple, as you need to apply the bandage to these vulnerable body parts.

Based on our experience, injuries caused by scratches and lacerations usually heal as quickly as, or even faster than, bandages becoming dirty. So, you’ll only need around 1-2 bandages to resolve the problem.

However, if the injuries are caused by zombies, then there are chances of infection. Specifically, you have a 7% (scratched) and 25% (lacerated) chance of being infected. And as mentioned previously, there’s no cure for zombification.

5. Wound Infection

When you get attacked by a zombie, there’s a possibility of suffering from a wound infection. As you know, preventing infections is impossible, but you can slow them down.

Keep in mind that wound infections can lead to minor blood loss and pain, so it’s crucial to be attentive to these injuries.

You can use a Bottle Of Disinfectant to clean the wound but note that only the first unit of the Disinfectant is effective. Therefore, use the second unit to convert a Bandage into a sterilized one and apply it to the wound.

To convert the Bandage into Sterilized Bandage, right-click on it and select “Disinfect Bandage.”

Furthermore, while Antibiotics and Garlic Poultices are thought to be effective against wound infections, based on our experience, their efficacy is somewhat limited.

When the Bandage gets dirty, we’d recommend replacing it with a new one and sterilizing it again. Otherwise, the pain will increase.

That’s how to stop bleeding in Project Zomboid.

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