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In Project Zomboid, thread is a valuable crafting material that can be used to create a variety of items and rescues.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get thread in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can get thread by searching warehouses, stores, sheds, and crates. Additionally, thread can be obtained by ripping pieces of clothing.

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How to Get Thread in Project Zomboid

If you want to make a mattress to ensure your sleeping quality or need an item to stitch deep wounds, then thread is an indispensable material you must look for.

Moreover, threads play a vital role in leveling up your tailoring skill, as you’ll gain XP as long as you get thread from ripping clothes.

In Project Zomboid, there are 2 ways to obtain thread.

1. Searching in Containers

You can find threads in almost every container, such as sheds, crates, or bookshelves. Besides, you can loot threads from specialized warehouses, stores, or some vehicles.

Moreover, there’s a small chance of getting thread from the first-aid kit.

Wherever sewing kits are found in palaces or drawers (such as bathrooms), there is a good chance of finding thread as well.

2. Ripping Clothes

Although thread can be found in several containers, its density is pretty low, and it’s considered rare in Project Zomboid.

That said, you will need a versatile and accessible way to obtain threads, which you can get by ripping pieces of clothing.

There are 3 types of clothes in Project Zomboid: cotton, denim, and leather. And the last two require scissors in your inventory to rip.

Next, try to collect as many clothes as possible by looting zombies or finding them in clothing stores and wardrobes.

Once you have the clothes (and the scissors as an optional tool), right-click on clothes and select “Rip Clothing” => “One” or “All”. Depending on the clothing materials, you will almost certainly get ripped sheets, denim strips, or leather strips. However, there’s no guarantee of acquiring threads for each attempt.

The higher your tailor skill level is, the higher your chance to obtain thread from ripping clothes.

For example, at level 0 or level 1 tailoring, you need to rip up to 15 or 20 pieces of clothing to get 1 thread. At level 5, you’ll likely get a thread for each ripping.

That’s how to get thread in Project Zomboid.

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