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Dismantling metal objects is the most efficient way to collect resources and level up your metalworking skill. While most items are ingredients or materials for recipes, Unusable Metal isn’t.

In this guide, we’ll show you what to do with Unusable Metal in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, Unusable Metal is completely useless in the vanilla version, as they serve no function. However, by installing mods, you can use it as a material for a recipe, making it more valuable.

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What to Do With Unusable Metal in Project Zomboid?

Unusable Metals are products of metalworking. They often go along with Metal Pipes, Metal Sheets, Small Metal Sheets, and Scrap Metals.

You can get Unusable Metal by dismantling any metal furniture. However, lockers, refrigerators, and trash bins are the items that offer the most Unusable Metals.

While other products mean a lot in crafting, what should we do with this one?

1. Throw Unusable Metal in The Trash Bin

As its name implies, you have nothing to do with Unusable Metal, and it also weighs 1.5, which is a significant amount of weight if you put it in your inventory.

That said, after dismantling metal furniture pieces, you can simply ignore Unusable Metal and collect other resources.

On the other hand, if you’re organized, you can collect them if possible, then get them in the dumpster to delete them permanently.

This will help keep the world clean, as well as reduce the chance of picking them up by mistake.

2. Use Unusable Metal For Crafting Recipe

It’s contradictory that useless items can be useful. However, thanks to the modding community, you can make it possible in Project Zomboid.

Unusable Metals serve no function in the vanilla version, but after installing the mod Rome’s Reusable Metal, you’ll undoubtedly try to collect them as much as possible.

The mod adds more recipes for Unusable Metal and Scrap Metal, which play a limited role in the original game.

Once you’ve subscribed to the mod on Steam, open Project Zomboid and enable this mod in the “Mods” setting menu. Keep in mind that you should create a new world, as the mod might not apply to the current one.

Once you’re in the game, left-click on the ruler and the hammer icon on the left side of the screen to open the Crafting window. Now you’ll see the “RomeRecipes” section, which contains several new recipes, especially the one for Unusable Metal.

With 1 Unusable Metal and 1 unit of Propane Torch, you can craft 1 Scrap Metal. Besides, other recipes are designed to utilize the resources in the game. So, install and explore it right away!

That’s what to do with unusable metal in Project Zomboid.

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