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The main ingredient in all types of Healing Salves and delicious dishes in Raft is Egg. These dishes can help you survive challenging boss battles, making them very useful.

Eggs provide 6 times the value compared to other raw veggies when you need to make Biofuel.

With all of the great benefits of Eggs, it’s crucial to learn how to get them in Raft.

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You can get Egg in Raft by catching and taming a Clucker that you keep on your raft. You have to keep it fed for it to lay eggs. It will lay an Egg every 4 to 6 minutes. You can collect eggs by pressing the “E” key.

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How to Get Eggs in Raft

Clucker is one of the three livestock you can catch and tame to get resources.

To catch one, make a Net Launcher and a few Net Canisters. Then, head to a large tropical island and find a small chicken-like creature. Shoot the net to capture it and bring it back to your raft.

The Clucker will be tamed the moment you bring it back to the raft.

It will then lay an Egg every 4 to 6 minutes if fed, meaning you must build a few Grass Plots to feed the Clucker, just like with other animals.

Since an animal in Raft will be hungry after 8 minutes, and the Clucker can lay an Egg every 4 minutes at minimum, you can expect a single Clucker to lay up to 2 eggs per feeding.

The Clucker is also pretty useful compared to other animals since its product is laid directly onto your raft without you needing to actively do anything.

Let’s take the Llama as an example. If it’s fed and its fur has regrown, you must shave it for the cycle to continue.

The Clucker, on the other hand, will keep laying more eggs, and you don’t need to do anything, assuming you already have a Sprinkler system set up to grow the grass.

There is, however, a maximum number of eggs each Clucker can have laid on the raft, which is approximately 2 to 3, as eggs despawn after 10 minutes. This limitation ensures that the game can run smoothly and avoid game-breaking situations.

That’s how to get eggs in Raft.

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