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You need Explosive Goo to start catching animals and crafting certain special items in Raft, such as fireworks. However, obtaining Explosive Goo can be difficult, especially if you’re afraid of the ocean and don’t like diving much.

In this guide, we’ll show you the two ways to get Explosive Goo, what you need to know about them, as well as explain which method is the best.

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To get Explosive Goo in Raft, you can either hunt the yellow Poison-Puffers or trade in 2 Trash Cubes and 1 Trade Coin for 3 Explosive Goos at the Trading Post. Poison-Puffers spawn around the ocean floor near islands, and each fish can drop up to 2 Explosive Goos.

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How to Get Explosive Goo in Raft

There are two ways to get Explosive Goo in Raft – by hunting Poison-Puffer or through trading.

Poison-Puffers only spawn on the ocean floor near large tropical islands, desert islands, and other special islands.

Here’s a full list of which island types Poison-Puffers can spawn near and the number of them you can find:

  • Large Tropical Islands: have at least 3 Poison-Puffers. One variant has up to 5 Poison-Puffers.
  • Small Tropical Islands: there are ten variants, but only the two most special have 1 Poison-Puffer, which is the Shipwreck Island and the Plane Crash Island.
  • Desert Islands: there are three variants, but only two of them have 1 Poison-Puffer.
  • Caravan Island: this is the fourth story island in Raft, which has approximately 5 Poison-Puffers around the ocean floor near the oxygen pipe.

Poison-Puffers always drop one Explosive Goo on death and have a 33% chance of dropping another one.

Hunting Poison-Puffer can be difficult for new players as they will explode when near the player. If it dies this way, you cannot loot its body for Explosive Goo.

That’s why it’s recommended to use a Bow and Arrow to hunt Poison-Puffers.

The Poison-Puffer has 40 health points, so you need to shoot it 4 times if you’re using Stone Arrows, 3 times with Metal Arrows, and 2 times with Titanium Arrows. These numbers are increased by 1 if you’re playing Hard mode.

Once you see the Poison-Puffer turn upside down, swim towards it, and hold the “E” key to loot its head and Explosive Goo.

Poison-Puffers don’t respawn when killed. However, there is an exception to this, a place where the Poison-Puffer can keep respawning – the Caravan Island.

When you follow the oxygen pipe on this island to get deeper into the ocean, you’ll find many Poison-Puffers spawning around the pipe.

Surprisingly, these Poison-Puffers respawn after a while once they’ve been killed, making this story island the best location to farm Explosive Goos.

Another method to getting Explosive Goo in Raft is by trading with the Trading Post.

This method requires more effort, resources, and time because you need to find the Recycler blueprint first and then use it to make Trash Cubes.

After that, visit large tropical islands and find the Trading Post. From here, you can trade 2 Trash Cubes and 1 Trade coin for 3 Explosive Goos.

This trade requires a tier two reputation level, which requires that you make a lot of Trash Cubes to trade for fish bait, and then use the bait to catch special fish and sell them to the Trading Post for Trade Coins and reputation points.

That’s why not so many players use this method to get Explosive Goos, but instead trade for Titanium and other materials like Scraps.

If you really need Explosive Goos and have plenty of coins, then go for it, as Trash Cubes is a renewable resource.

That’s how to get Explosive Goo in Raft.

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