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Vine Goo is a material you need to make many helpful items in Raft.

From upgrading your water container to enhancing your cooking capabilities or improving combat and diving abilities, Vine Goo is on the list of materials you need.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Vine Goo in Raft.

To get Vine Goo in Raft, put Seaweed in either a Smelter or an Electric Smelter and wait 45 seconds. You can also obtain Vine Goo from most types of loot boxes and by killing the Anglerfish.

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How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

To make Vine Goo, you first need to find Seaweed on the ocean floor near tropical and desert islands. The number of Seaweed you can find varies from 7 to 125 per island.

Once you’ve gathered enough Seaweed, return to your raft and put it in either a regular Smelter or an Electric Smelter. The Electric Smelter can smelt up to 3 Seaweeds at a time, which is convenient if you need a lot of Vine Goo.

After 45 seconds, the Seaweed becomes Vine Goo.

You can now press “E” on the Smelter to get the Vine Goo out.

Besides finding Seaweed and smelting it, there are two other ways to get Vine Goo directly in Raft.

The first method is from loot boxes.

Each loot box gives 3 to 5 items, and you can see the chance of each item being Vine Goo for each type of loot box below:

  • Raft Loot Box: 2.5%
  • Radio Tower Loot Box: 7.2%
  • Mountain Loot Box: 1.6%
  • Randomized Materials Loot Box: 1%
  • Tangaroa Suitcase: 13%

The second method to get Vine Goo directly is by defeating Anglerfish, which spawn on Varuna Point and Temperance Island. They drop between 0-2 Vine Goos each.

However, considering the effort required to travel to those islands and beat the fish, it’s not worth the time if all you’re after is Vine Goo.

That’s how to get Vine Goo in Raft!

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