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Besides Sand and Clay, Metal Ore is a material you want to make sure you bring back to the raft when diving around islands.

Since its post-product can help you craft better tools and fortify your base, getting a large amount of Metal Ore is crucial for progression.

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In this guide, we cover all the methods to getting Metal Ores in Raft, as well as details on how many you can get from each method.

To get Metal Ore in Raft, search for the dark cyan ore node on the ocean floor near islands and collect it with your hook. You can also get Metal Ore by trading at the Trading Post and from loot boxes.

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How to Get Metal Ore in Raft

There are 3 ways to get Metal Ore in Raft:

  • Collect it from the ocean floor
  • From loot boxes
  • Trading at the Trading Post

The first method, which requires you to search the ocean floor near islands, is the primary method of getting Metal Ore in the game due to its simplicity.

Specifically, what you need to do is beat the shark (or avoid it by going to the other side of the island) and then dive into the water to look for Metal Ore.

There are lots of resources on the ocean floor. Look for the dark cyan ore nodes on the wall.

Metal Ores often spawn in groups of one to three ores.

Here’s a list of how many ores you can find near each island type in Raft:

  • Small Tropical Islands: 3-21 Metal Ores
  • Large Tropical Islands: 22-42 Metal Ores
  • Evergreen Islands: 7-12 Metal Ores
  • Desert Islands: 6-10 Metal Ores
  • Arctic Islands: they don’t have any Metal Ores around them, but they do have a lot of loot boxes that can give you Metal Ores.

Based on our experience, Small Tropical Islands are the best for collecting Metal Ores. They have around 9 Metal Ores on average, although one of the Small Tropical Island types only has 3.

Because of their small size, you can easily swim around and get a lot of Metal Ores quickly compared to other island types.

Speaking of loot boxes, here’s a full overview of which loot box types can give you Metal Ore. These three are also the ones you can find on Arctic islands.

  • Mountain Loot Box: 3.2%
  • Randomized Materials Loot Box: 1%
  • Tangaroa Suitcase: 8.7%

Note: The percentage after each loot box name is the probability of each item in that loot box being a Metal Ore.

The last way to get Metal Ores is by trading at the Trading Post. You can get 5 Metal Ores by trading 2 Trash Cubes and 1 Trade Coin.

This method requires quite a bit of effort at the start of the game compared to the other two, as you need to build the Recycler, farm Trash Cubes, go fishing, and then sell the fish for Trade Coin.

However, in the late game, where you already have a lot of Trash Cubes and Trade Coins, this method becomes the main way to get resources, including Metal Ores.

That’s how to get Metal Ore in Raft!

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