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Along with Sand, Clay is an essential material in Raft and is needed to make the Smelter. Without it, you can’t produce metal materials or use the Cooking Pot properly.

Many decorative items also require Clay as their main material. So, here’s how to get Clay in Raft!

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To get Clay in Raft, swim around the ocean floor near islands (primarily tropical islands), find the dark and long material deposits, and hold the left mouse button with your hook equipped to collect it.

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How to Get Clay in Raft

Clay spawns on the ocean floor near most islands, just like Sand. You can collect it in the same way you harvest Sand.

Once you reach an island, dive into the water and look for shiny, long, and dark material deposits on the ocean floor. They are clay deposits. Then, equip your hook and hold the left mouse button to collect it.

Below is the number of clay deposits you can find near each island type in Raft:

  • Small Tropical Islands: 4-28 clay deposits
  • Large Tropical Islands: 33-51 clay deposits
  • Evergreen Islands: 10-12 clay deposits
  • Desert Islands: 12-14 clay deposits
  • Arctic Islands: none

You’ll see that large tropical islands have the most clay deposits around them, but actually, you can get Clay much faster by solely exploring small tropical islands.

Each island type in Raft has a lot of variations, and each variation results in a different amount of materials spawning around them. So, here’s what you actually need to know about getting Clay.

The small tropical island has 10 variations, and only two of them have less than 10 clay deposits: one is 4, and the other is 7.

The rest have at least 10+ clay deposits around their ocean floor, which is pretty decent compared to large tropical islands due to their small size.

Moreover, you only have to deal with the Shark while collecting materials around small tropical islands.

Large tropical islands, on the contrary, contain more threats (the Poison-Puffer, for example) that make gathering materials more difficult.

That’s how to get Clay in Raft!

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