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Sand is one of the items you need to craft Wet Bricks – one of the most important items to progress in Raft.

Sand can also be smelted into Glass, which is essential for unlocking many useful recipes, including the Advanced Purifier for clean water.

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But how do you get Sand in Raft? And what’s the best place to get it?

The best places to get Sand in Raft are on the ocean floors near tropical islands. To collect Sand, look for bright and round material deposits, then use your hook on them and hold the left mouse button.

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How to Get Sand in Raft

In the current version of Raft, Sand can only spawn on the ocean floor near islands.

The only way to collect Sand is by using your hook and holding the left mouse button.

Below is the number of sand deposits you can find on each island type in Raft:

  • Small Tropical Islands: 5-35 sand deposits
  • Large Tropical Islands: 33-49 sand deposits
  • Evergreen Islands: 10-12 sand deposits
  • Desert Islands: 8-12 sand deposits
  • Arctic Islands: none

As you can see, tropical islands are the best for harvesting Sand.

Visiting small tropical islands is often the fastest way to get Sand, as they have roughly the same amount of sand deposits as large islands, but their small size makes the gathering process much quicker.

Once you reach an island, use Shark Bait or simply beat the Shark so you can freely swim around the ocean floor.

Dive into the water, and besides Stones, Scraps, and Seaweeds, you’ll see some bigger deposits lying on the ground. They are Sand (or possibly Clay).

It can be difficult to distinguish between Sand and Clay underwater, especially at night.

Sand is brighter and rounder than Clay. In the image below, you can see the difference between them.

Sand can also spawn on certain story islands, but it’s not worth the time to harvest it there.

That’s how to get Sand in Raft!

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