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Stone is an essential material in Raft, as it can used for a lot of purposes, such as combating, crafting, recycling, and even quests.

Although stone is considered an early-game resource, finding them can be challenging unless you know where to look.

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In this article, we’ll show you three ways to get Stone in Raft.

The three main ways to get Stone in Raft are by picking up barrels, finding loot boxes, and collecting them from the ocean floor.

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How to Get Stone in Raft

There are three ways to get Stone in Raft. Depending on the stage of the game you’re in, some methods are easier to do than others, so check out the details below to find the one best suited for you.

  • Barrels
  • Loot Boxes
  • The ocean floor around islands

Get Stones From Barrels

In the game’s early stage, barrels are your only source of Stones.

You can find barrels floating around trash in the ocean, and sometimes, besides basic resources coming toward your raft.

To collect a barrel, use your hook to catch it like any other resource. If a barrel floats near your raft, you can also press “E” to collect it directly.

Each barrel gives 4 to 6 random items when picked up, and each item has a 6.13% chance of being a Stone.

Get Stones From Loot Boxes

Loot boxes work the same way as barrels, and they’re the best method of getting Stone in the early to mid-game stage. When picked up, they give you 3 to 5 random items.

There are ten types of loot boxes in Raft, but only two have a chance of giving you Stones when picked up.

They are:

  • Raft Loot Boxes: found in Vacated Rafts or on Large Tropical Islands. Each item in these loot boxes has a 22% chance of being a Stone.
  • Randomized Materials Loot Box: found on Caravan and Tangaroa Island. Each item in these loot boxes has a 19.2% chance of being a Stone.

Unlike barrels, which can only spawn on the ocean, loot boxes spawn on various islands, Vacated Rafts, and the ocean floor near islands.

Although loot boxes can be a rich source of Stones (up to 22% chance for an item to be a Stone), most players typically collect them for other rewards.

Get Stones From Islands

Stones also spawn on the ocean floor around most islands in Raft.

Look for the shallow parts of the island and jump straight into the ocean and you’ll see small circular objects lying on the ocean floor. Those are Stones!

To collect them, you need to select your hook in the hot bar and hold the left mouse button.

Below is the number of Stones you can get from each island biome/type:

  • Small Tropical Islands: 23-79 Stones
  • Large Tropical Islands: 62-270 Stones
  • Evergreen Islands: 51-70 Stones
  • Desert Islands: 35-47 Stones
  • Arctic Islands: these islands don’t have stones on the ocean floor, but they have around 4 to 11 Randomized Materials Loot Boxes, from which you can get Stones.

In the game’s early days, exploring an island without an anchor is risky because your raft will eventually float away, leaving you on the island.

Also, all islands will despawn if they’re too far from your raft. That’s why you should get at least 4 Stones from barrels or loot boxes from Vacated Raft to craft a Throwable Anchor and put it on your raft before hunting for stones in the waters around islands.

Later in the game, you will be able to craft more advanced versions of the anchor, allowing you to stop your raft whenever you want.

With the help of an anchor, you can freely roam around the ocean floor around islands to collect Stones.

The final threat you should consider when collecting Stones on the ocean floor is the Shark.

You can distract the Shark using the Shark Bait item, but if you don’t want to use the resources to make it, you can avoid the Shark by collecting Stones from the opposite shore to where the Shark is.

That’s how to get Stone in Raft!

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