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Dry Brick is a needed material to make both of the Smelters in Raft. In the game’s early stage, you must obtain at least 7 of them to keep progressing.

Some players become confused as to how Dry Bricks are obtained, as they cannot find any recipe for them, even after several diving attempts and searching through endless recipes.

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So, how do you turn Wet Brick into Dry Brick? Do you just have to wait? And if so, for how long?

To make Dry Brick in Raft, craft Wet Brick using Sand and Clay and place it on your raft. The Wet Brick will dry after 5 minutes and turn into Dry Brick, regardless of how bad the weather is or how high the waves are.

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How to Make Dry Bricks in Raft

Drying Wet Brick is the only way to get Dry Brick in Raft.

To obtain Wet Brick, open the crafting menu by pressing the “Tab” key and locate the Resource tab (the tab with a Screw icon). Here, you should see the crafting recipe for Wet Brick, which requires 2 Sand and 2 Clay.

After crafting a Wet Brick, place it anywhere on your raft, preferably near the center, so the shark can’t destroy the foundation it’s on.

Every Wet Brick you place on the raft has a 5-minute timer, and once that time has passed, it will become a Dry Brick.

You don’t need to place Wet Brick in a closed room or on the second floor, as rain and high waves don’t affect the drying process. They will always turn into Dry Brick after 5 minutes, no matter the conditions.

Since Wet Bricks don’t have any uses themselves currently, you should just place them on your raft as soon as possible to turn them into Dry Bricks for crafting and research purposes.

That’s how to make Dry Brick in Raft!

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