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Before update 10 on December 3, 2019, the Radio Tower was the only special island and served as the final goal of the game.

Since then, Raft has received numerous updates adding more features, items, and many other things. With these updates, more story islands have been added to create a complete story.

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However, many players might not pay attention to what they’ve collected and, therefore, not know what to do after the Radio Tower.

After completing the Radio Tower in Raft, you receive new coordinates leading to the next story island, which is the cruise ship Vasagatan. You need to input that coordinate in the Receiver to get the location of Vasagatan.

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What to Do After Radio Tower in Raft

In the current version of Raft, the Radio Tower is the first of eight story islands you must complete to beat the game.

Progression is pretty simple in Raft! Upon completing a story island, you receive new coordinates leading to the next story island.

The new coordinates are usually located in the final room of the story island.

In the Radio Tower, the coordinates can be found on the whiteboard in the top room, along with the Recycler blueprint.

You can also check whether or not you’ve picked it up already by pressing the “T” key to open your Journal.

Pay attention to the colored bookmarks on the left. If you see a bookmark displaying Vasagatan and its coordinates right below the name, then you’re good to go!

What you need to do next is input the new coordinates in the Receiver and head to the next story island.

Exploring and gathering more resources on other small islands before heading to Vasagatan is a great idea, as you need to prepare before exploring Vasagatan.

That’s what to do after Radio Tower in Raft.

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