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To complete Balboa Island, you must activate the three Relay Stations that spawn across the island.

On your way to Relay Station 2, you will find the Ranger Station, which is a small house that contains loot boxes and two optional puzzles – one of which requires the Light Bulb to be solved.

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Even after activating all the Relay Stations and completing the island, there’s still a chance you may not find the Light Bulb needed to solve the puzzle. So, where exactly can you find the Light Bulb in Raft?

The Light Bulb in Raft can be found inside one of the dolls located on the hill southwest of Balboa Island, near the big bear.

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Where Is the Light Bulb in Raft?

To find the Light Bulb, follow the dirt path on Balboa Island and find the big bear.

The bear is located in the southwest of the island, surrounded by three bear warning signs. This area is far from all three Relay Stations, so if you’re near one of these, go another direction.

The big bear is lying in front of a cave, and next to it, near the entrance, is a blue basket.

From here, head to the hill the cave’s entrance is facing – that’s where the Light Bulb is!

You may not be able to see the hill at all because of trees and bushes.

From the big bear location, go deeper into the island and turn left (if you’re on the side of the island where the big bear is) or turn right (if you’re on the side of the island where the blue basket is) to go uphill.

On the way to the hill, you’ll start seeing some collectible notes on the ground, indicating that you’re on the right track.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you will see three scrap dolls. One of those dolls hangs from a tree while the others are on the ground.

Pay attention to the one on the ground in the center (image below).

Go close to it and press “E” to get the Light Bulb.

Now, you can return to the Ranger Station and put the Light Bulb into the scrap doll to finish the puzzle.

Remember that the two puzzles in the Ranger Station are optional, which means you can still beat the game without completing them.

So, it’s totally fine if you don’t want to spend time finding the Light Bulb. It’s more for those who want to get all the achievements in Raft.

That’s where the Light Bulb is in Raft.

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