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While exploring the flooded world of Raft, you’ll come across large islands with new creatures and structures. One of the unique structures that you can find on many of these islands is the Trading Post, which plays iconic music.

Sadly, you can’t do any trading at the Trading Post in the game’s early days because it requires Trash Cubes.

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In the current version of Raft, the only way to get Trash Cubes is by using a Recycler, so how do you get one in the game?

To get a Recycler in Raft, you need to obtain its blueprint, learn the recipe, and build it using the required materials. The blueprint for the Recycler can be obtained in the Radio Tower, the first island in the storyline, and the recipe can be learned by researching one Plastic, Metal Ingot, Bolt, and Circuit Board in the Research Table.

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How to Get a Recycler in Raft

Before you can get a Recycler, you must first learn how to build a second floor and set up the Receiver in Raft.

After turning on the Receiver, you’ll see a blue dot on its screen, indicating the location of the first story island in the game – The Radio Tower.

Follow the blue dot to reach the story island. You probably don’t have the Steering Wheel at this point, so no matter which direction the blue dot is, just let your raft drift freely.

If the island is aligned with the wind’s direction, check the distance on the Receiver frequently and use a Paddle to close the gap to get to the island.

The island will respawn in another location if your raft is too far away (roughly 2500 in-game meters) from it. So, it’s totally okay to go in the opposite direction (if the wind blows that way), and you can still get to the island.

Once you reach the Radio Tower, head to the top tower, and you’ll find the Recycler blueprint on the whiteboard. The blueprint is in the same room as Tala – a new playable character.

After picking up the Recycler blueprint, it will be used automatically.

Next, go back to your raft and open the Research Table. You need to research the following items to unlock the Recycler:

  • 1 Plastic
  • 1 Metal Ingot
  • 1 Bolt
  • 1 Circuit Board

After that, click “Learn” to unlock the Recycler recipe permanently. It is in the Other tab (the second tab with a chest icon).

To build one, you’ll need 6 Plastics, 4 Metal Ingots, either Bolt or Hinge (with a total count of 2), and 1 Circuit Board. The recipe can be simplified with 6 Plastics, 6 Metal Ingots, and 1 Circuit Board.

That’s how to get a Recycler in Raft!

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