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The Research Table is one of the items you can access from the first day in Raft. Although it’s quite expensive to craft one, having access to it provides you with new recipes to make your stranded life easier.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Research Table in Raft.

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To use the Research Table in Raft, you must stand close to it and press “E” to open its interface. You’ll then see a new panel to the right with one item slot on the top and a list of items at the bottom. You can place any researchable item in the top slot and click the “Research” button next to it to research it.

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How to Use the Research Table in Raft

The Research Table crafting recipe is located in the Other tab (chest icon). It requires 14 Planks and 2 Scraps.

Once you’ve crafted it and placed it down, go next to it and press “E” to open the research interface. If you can’t use the table, try moving around and looking at the book until a tooltip appears that says: “E – Open”.

The research menu will now appear on the right side of the screen.

You can place any item in the top slot in this new menu. Three things can happen when you select an item to research:

  • If you put a new researchable item in, a new “Research” button will appear to the right of the slot. Click it to consume 1 selected item to research it.
  • If you put an already-researchable item in, you’ll see the text “Researched” displayed on the right. You can’t do anything here, so try researching another item.
  • If you put a non-researchable item in, a new “Research” button will appear, too, but it will be displayed in red, indicating that you cannot research this specific item.

The final goal is to research any resources you can find, as long as they’re researchable.

If you look at the bottom part of the research menu, you’ll see a lot of locked recipes and their required ingredients.

The biggest icon on the left is the item (or structure), while the smaller icons on the right are the ingredients you must research in order to unlock that specific recipe.

For example, to unlock the Stone Arrow recipe, you must research a Plank, a Stone, and one piece of Plastic.

Once you research all the required ingredients for a recipe, click the “Learn” button to learn that recipe and make it available in your crafting menu.

It’s worth noting that you can only research each item once, and the researched item will be consumed upon clicking the “Research” button. So, make sure to keep this in mind when calculating how many ingredients you need.

A common mistake is the process of making a Smelter. Each Smelter requires 6 Dry Bricks, so you only need to collect 12 Sand and Clay items.

However, if you’re on a new run and haven’t researched Dry Brick yet, you need to collect more Sand and Clay for another Dry Brick, as you need to research it first.

That’s how to use the research table in Raft!

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