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In Raft, apart from collecting a vast amount of trash in the ocean and expanding foundations, you have to pay attention to a hungry creature always lurking under the sea, waiting for an opportunity to eat your raft.

Keeping your raft intact is quite a challenge. Therefore, learning how to repair it for emergency situations is essential, especially when you’re away from the raft on a longer journey.

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To repair in Raft, hold the Building Hammer, select the Repair option, and left-click the broken foundation to repair it. Before you can start repairing, you need to craft the Building Hammer.

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How to Repair in Raft

First of all, you can only repair two objects in Raft:

  • Foundations
  • Collection Nets

Moreover, they must be broken or damaged before you can do any repairing, as you can’t repair a full HP object.

The shark is currently the only threat that can damage your foundations or collection nets.

It attacks a random outer foundation (or a Collection Net) every 5 minutes. Once it attacks, it will constantly deal damage to the object until it’s completely broken.

You must deal at least 15 damage to the shark to chase it away and stop the attack.

To repair your raft, craft a Building Hammer with 4 Planks and 2 Ropes and put it in your hot bar. With it selected, hold the right mouse button to open the building menu.

Next, hover your mouse over the Repair option (a hammer with a green plus icon) located at the bottom of the menu and release the right mouse button.

Now, you can look for a damaged foundation and left-click on it to repair it.

You can also see the object’s remaining HP displayed in the center of the screen while choosing the Repair option.

Each repair click costs you 1 Plank and repairs the object by 50% points.

Fortunately, you can repair an object while the shark attacks it. This leads to a new strategy when dealing with the shark.

Whenever you hear a shark attack, immediately find it and use the Hammer to repair the attacked object first. Then, attack the shark like usual to chase it away.

This is extremely effective if you have a big raft, as by the time you reach the attacked object, the object’s HP may have dropped below 20% already.

When it’s already below 20%, you don’t have enough time to deal enough damage to the shark before the object is completely destroyed, leading to loss of both your time and resources.

Using this method saves you a lot of resources because each repair only costs 1 Plank while building a new foundation costs up to 2 Planks and 2 Plastics.

That’s how to repair in Raft!

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