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In Raft, Rocks (or Stones) are a basic resource that can be found in various ways.

While some methods rely on luck and require you to pick up other objects, there are two methods to pick up Rocks directly in the game.

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In this guide, we’ll show you the two ways to pick up Rocks in Raft.

You can pick up Rocks in Raft by using your hook if they are located on the ocean floor or by pressing “E” if they are scattered on the opposite side of the raised drawbridge on Balboa Island near Relay Station 4.

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How to Pick Up Rocks in Raft

First of all, Rock or Stone in Raft is the same item. In the game, it’s technically called “Stone”, but both terms are used by players.

As discussed in our previous article, there are 3 ways to get Stones in Raft: from barrels, loot boxes, and the ocean floor.

The first and second methods involve picking up other objects (barrels or loot boxes), while the third method requires you to use your hook to collect Stones from the ocean floor.

Besides the third method, there is another special place where Stones appear naturally for you to pick up – Balboa Island.

Specifically, on your way to Relay Station 4 on Balboa Island, you’ll find a raised drawbridge on the other side of the cliff and a lever next to it.

Most players use their bow and arrow to shoot the lever. However, if you pay attention to the cliff where you’re standing, you’ll see some Stones on the ground.

These Stones are unique instances in the game, as you can pick them up using the “E” key.

Surprisingly, this is the only way to pick up Stones in Raft without getting them from other objects or using your hook.

The reason you can do this is because of the intended use of them. You’re supposed to pick and throw Stones to trigger the lever. Using a bow and arrows is just the alternative method.

Another special case is that Stones occasionally spawn on small islands’ high shores above sea level.

Unfortunately, in this case, you can’t pick the Stones up using “E”, nor can you use your hook to collect them, even though there’s a hook icon indicator in the center of your screen.

So, why can’t you?

Even though those Stones spawn above sea level, the game still counts them as “Stones spawned on the ocean floor”.

The only way to pick up Stones spawned on the ocean floor (or outside Balboa Island) is to dive into the ocean (completely submerge yourself underwater) and use your hook.

But because those Stones spawn on the high shore, it’s nearly impossible to collect them since the sea level is too low for you to be fully submerged underwater.

Fortunately, there is always a way!

To collect them, you need to wait for the Big Waves weather, which causes the ocean waves to cover the high shore areas, allowing you to collect those Stones just like the ones on the ocean floor.

That’s how to pick up rocks in Raft!

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