Raft – What Happens When You Lose Your Raft?

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Losing a raft is the most common problem for newcomers in Raft.

You either explore islands without using an anchor, which causes your raft to drift away or simply don’t know how to craft a weapon, allowing the shark to completely destroy all 4 foundations on your starter raft.

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So, what happens in Raft if you lose your raft?

If you lose your raft in Raft, you won’t be able to play the game anymore unless you find your way back to it, assuming it hasn’t been destroyed. All events occur around your starter raft, and they will despawn if your raft is too far away.

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What Happens When You Lose Your Raft in Raft?

Since Raft is a survival game, you would assume that you could just build a brand-new raft if you lost your starter one. However, that is not possible in the game!

Everything in Raft, the shark, the animal events, the islands, etc., spawn around your starter raft, and they will despawn if your raft has drifted too far away from you (approximately 2000 in-game meters).

If your raft has drifted away, you won’t be able to do anything besides swim in the endless ocean and try to find it. If it’s too far away to swim back to it, consider drowning yourself so that you can respawn on your raft.

Keep in mind that the respawn option isn’t available in the Hard game mode, though.

In the worst-case scenario, where your raft is entirely destroyed by the shark, you have to accept your fate and start a new world.

That’s why, besides hunger and thirst, you should treat your raft as another survival indicator. The fewer foundations your raft has, the higher the chance you will lose the current run.

To prevent your raft from drifting away, you can use the Throwable Anchor in the early game to anchor the raft when exploring an island. It can be costly, though, as it’s a one-time-use anchor.

In the game’s later stages, you’ll find more blueprints for advanced versions of the anchor, allowing you to anchor your raft whenever you want.

Besides drifting away, your raft can also be destroyed by the shark. To avoid this, you must save some resources and make a weapon (Spear/Machete/Sword) as soon as possible.

When the shark attacks, use any weapon to deal at least 15 damage to it to chase it away to protect the attacked foundation.

Additionally, it’s crucial to learn how to repair your damaged foundations, as the shark’s damage is permanent.

Later on in the game, you can fortify your foundations with Foundation Armor (1 Metal Ingot and 2 Nails) to completely stop the shark attack.

That’s what happens when you lose your raft in Raft!

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