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The opportunity to experience life in the middle of the ocean is what makes Raft great. While life obviously won’t be easy, there can arise problems that you might not even have thought about.

One of the problems that players commonly face is having their raft turned in the wrong direction. The raft going in the wrong direction results in ineffective ocean trash collection and island exploration.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn your raft in Raft so you can get back to maximum trash collection and island exploration!

You can turn your raft in Raft by either using a Steering Wheel or letting it bump into other structures.

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How to Turn Your Raft in Raft

There are currently two main ways to turn your raft in Raft:

  • Using a Steering Wheel
  • Bumping into structures like islands or Vacated Rafts

Previously, it was also possible to turn your raft using sideway Engines or by using a sail or a paddle (including the method where two players use Paddles in opposite directions).

However, from our testing, we’ve observed that only the two above-listed methods still work.

Here’s everything you need to know about each method.

1. Turn Your Raft using a Steering Wheel

The Steering Wheel is a navigational item that allows you to rotate your raft effortlessly.

To craft one, you first need to find its blueprint and research it.

The Steering Wheel blueprint can be found in the captain’s room on the second story island – Vasagatan.

To get there, you must use the Receiver and complete the first story island. After reaching the highest tower on the Radio Tower island, you’ll get the coordinates of Vasagatan, along with the Recycler blueprint.

The Steering Wheel blueprint will automatically be used after it is picked up.

Next, head back to your raft, open the Research Table, and research the following items to permanently unlock the Steering Wheel recipe: 1 Scrap, 1 Metal Ingot, 1 Rope, and 1 Bolt.

Once you have the recipe, go to the Navigation crafting menu and craft a Steering Wheel using 10 Scraps, 4 Metal Ingots, 4 Ropes, and 2 of either Bolt or Hinge.

Place the Steering Wheel on your raft, preferably near the Receiver and a Streamer, so you can see the wind direction.

Next, hold the “R” key and move your mouse to the left or right to rotate the raft in the corresponding direction.

Most of the time, you’ll want to rotate your raft so that it’s aligned with the wind. This allows you to collect more ocean trash, as well as visit islands more easily.

2. Turn Your Raft by Bumping It into Structures

If you have just started your current playthrough and can’t afford the Receiver setup yet or don’t have access to it, try bumping your raft into small islands or the Vacated Raft.

Doing so makes your raft rotate a bit, depending on where it collides with the structure.

To control the rotation better, use a Paddle and a Sail to get the right angle for the collision.

Players usually want to rotate their raft because they already built a bunch of Collection Nets on one side, but the ocean trash is coming from another side.

In this case, you can temporarily fix the issue by removing your Collection Nets and placing them in the direction of the wind.

That’s how to turn your raft in Raft!

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