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In Raft, the appearance of the character you control isn’t that important.

However, due to the ability to change POV (“,” key) and when playing multiplayer, changing to a new character can be great for differentiating between yourself and your friends.

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In the character selection screen, by default, you can only choose between the two scout characters: Maya and Rouhi.

But there are four locked slots, indicating four more characters for you to select. So, how do you unlock these new characters in Raft?

You can unlock new characters in Raft by finding them on various story islands and talking to them. The new characters are usually found in the final room of the story island, which also includes valuable loot and coordinates leading to the next story island.

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How to Unlock New Characters in Raft

Besides Maya and Rouhi, there are four more characters.

Below, all unlockable characters and where you can find them are listed:

  • Tala: in the highest room of the Radio Tower. She is in the same room as the Recycler blueprint.
  • Johnny: in the Relay Station 6 on Balboa Island. You’ll need to lure the big bear away to get the Machete recipe before getting here.
  • Elaine: sit on a chair inside the top part of the central tower in Tangaroa. The top part will explode and launch into the ocean after you input the four-digit code in the central tower.
  • Shogo: in the frozen room right behind the reactor in Temperance.

To unlock new characters, you must go to the above listed story islands and find them. The new character will be automatically unlocked after talking to them.

You don’t get these new characters if you don’t talk to them, which is what happens for many players.

But don’t worry! You can just revisit the island and go to the final room to talk to them again.

It’s worth noting that new characters don’t have any improved attributes or give you any buff – they are just for cosmetic purposes.

That’s how to unlock new characters in Raft.

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