Raft – How Many Story Islands Are There?

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Raft is an open-world survival game where you’re stranded on the endless ocean and need to find resources and habitable land for your people.

As you progress through each story island, you’ll learn more about the game’s lore, unlock new recipes, and discover the coordinates of the next island.

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While venturing through the numerous islands, you may have wondered how many story islands there are in Raft.

There are 8 story islands in Raft: Radio Tower, Vasagatan, Balboa, Caravan Town, Tangaroa, Varuna Point, Temperance, and Utopia.

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How Many Story Islands Are There in Raft?

Currently, Raft has three chapters, each representing a big update consisting of countless minor updates with 2 to 3 story islands.

The First Chapter (update 10) was released on Dec 3, 2019, which added the first three story islands:

  • Radio Tower
  • Vasagatan
  • Balboa Island

Radio Tower was added quite early to the game on May 25, 2018 and it was the final goal of Raft at that point. Now, there is much more to do after exploring Radio Tower.

Later on, The Second Chapter (update 12) was released on Oct 8, 2020, which included two more story islands:

  • Caravan Town
  • Tangaroa

Although there are only two story islands in this update, they are all detailed and have unique mechanics that keep players entertained, especially the hidden rooms for the secret achievement.

Finally, The Third Chapter (or version 1.0) was released on Jun 20, 2022. It added three final story islands to the game with a complete storyline:

  • Varuna Point
  • Temperance
  • Utopia

To start the story in Raft, you must play the game for at least 30 minutes (1.5 in-game days) to get the blueprint for the Receiver and Antenna.

After that, you can use the Receiver to locate both normal and story islands.

Your first mission in Raft is to visit the Radio Tower and find out what happened to the world. After exploring the Radio Tower, you’ll get a set of coordinates leading you to the next story island.

By progressing through each story island, you’ll learn more about the story, unlock more useful blueprints, and discover new coordinates that lead to the next island.

However, on the final story island (Utopia), you won’t find any new coordinates, and that’s when the open-world aspect of Raft begins.

After completing Utopia, you can decide yourself where to go and what to do next, including revisiting previous story islands to hunt special creatures for trophies and completing 100% of the achievements in Raft.

That’s the answer to how many story islands there are in Raft.

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