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You need Trash Cubes in Raft to trade at the Trading Post, which sells many useful items.

Once you discover a large tropical island and encounter a Trading Post, you’ll likely find yourself being far from able to buy any of the items.

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Trash Cubes can first be obtained a little later on in the game, so if you haven’t started the story in the game yet, there is still some time till you can get any.

You get Trash Cubes in Raft by putting raw resources into the Recycler. The Recycler requires a Battery to operate and will produce one Trash Cube every 3 minutes if supplied with 150 material value. The blueprint for the Recycler can be obtained by completing the Radio Tower story island, the first story island.

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How to Get Trash Cubes in Raft

You get Trash Cubes in Raft by using the Recycler. Check out our guide on how to get a Recycler in Raft first and then read along.

Place either a normal Battery or an Advanced Battery in the empty slot on the right of the machine.

Since the recycling process takes up to 12 minutes, using an Advanced Battery for the Recycler is recommended unless you’re short of Titanium.

To start the recycling process, supply the Recycler with any type of raw material until the overall value is at least 150.

You can’t see this value unless you install some mods. However, you can guess the value by looking at the Recycler container. The higher the trash pile inside, the higher the value.

As long as the Recycler has a Battery, it will immediately start the recycling process once the value reaches 150.

The Recycler can hold up to 600 material value, which means it can produce up to 4 Trash Cubes in one load.

The table below shows all of the materials you can use to supply the Recycler, along with their material value.

Material NameMaterial ValueQuantity Need to Produce 1 Trash Cube
Palm Leaf530
Vine Goo1312
Metal Ore305
Giant Clam305
Metal Ingot384
Copper Ingot384
Wet Brick603
Dry Brick603
Titanium Ore752
Titanium Ingot942

In the early game, you need a lot of Planks and Plastic to expand your raft. So, we recommend using Palm Leaves or converting them into Ropes to make Trash Cubes.

Rope provides twice as much value as a Palm Leaf, but you need 2 Palm Leaves to craft 1 Rope, so no value is gained by converting them. Using Rope, however, is easier as you can only add one item to the Recycler at a time.

This makes the supplying process less painful since you have to press “E” fewer times. Especially in the early game, when you have nothing but basic materials that have a value under 10, you have to press “E” a lot.

In the mid game, Sand, Giant Clam, Copper, and Copper Ingots are great options to make Trash Cubes.

These materials provide great value and have zero to little uses for now, and you can always gather more of them on the next island.

Once you’ve captured and tamed some Llamas, you have access to the best material for making Trash Cubes in Raft – Wool.

A single unit of Wool has a value of 75, so you only have to add two Wool to the Recycler to make one Trash Cube.

That’s how to get Trash Cubes in Raft.

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