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You need Bait to catch rare fish in Raft, which you can sell for Trade Coins, the trading currency for many valuable items at the Trading Post.

Of course, you can still beat the game without using Bait and other items from trading, but it makes survival more challenging.

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In this article, we’ll show you how to get Bait in Raft.

You get Bait in Raft by trading Trash Cubes at the Trading Post on large islands. 1 Trash Cube gives 4 units of Bait. Trash Cubes can be obtained by using the Recycler, which you can make after finding its blueprint on the Radio Tower story island.

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How to Get Bait in Raft

Before you can get Bait, you first need to get a Recycler and make Trash Cubes.

You only need one Trash Cube to get the first Bait in Raft. However, it’s recommended to make at least 4-5 Trash Cubes to ensure you have enough bait the first time around.

Once you have a Recycler and Trash Cubes, use the Receiver to locate large islands, which are the green dots on the Receiver screen. These islands may have a Trading Post on them, which is a small hut with bottles and vibing music.

Walk up to the cashier box in the Trading Post and press “E” to open the trading panel. Here, you can exchange Trash Cubes and Trade Coins for valuable items, including Bait.

If this is the first time you trade, you can only trade Trash Cubes to get Simple Fishing Bait.

We recommend trading all of your Trash Cubes for Bait, as you can’t trade anything else right now, and you shouldn’t save Trash Cubes at this point.

1 Trash Cube gives you 4 units of Simple Fishing Bait.

Return to your raft and select a Fishing Rod. Next, hold the right mouse button and select the Simple Fishing Bait. Now, fish like usual to get rare fish. You can then sell the fish to the Trading Post for Trade Coins and reputation points.

When you’ve caught enough rare fish and have gotten enough reputation points to reach level 2 or 3 in the Trading Post, you can purchase upgraded versions of Bait, such as Advanced Fishing Bait and Expert Fishing Bait.

Like with the Simple Fishing Bait, you’ll receive 4 units of the advanced Bait per Trash Cube.

Each type of Bait allows you to catch different types of rare fish. They are categorized into 3 groups, depending on the Bait you use.

  • Tier 1 rare fish: gives 1 Trade Coin and 10 reputation points.
  • Tier 2 rare fish: gives 1 Trade Coin and 100 reputation points.
  • Tier 3 rare fish: gives 2 Trade Coins.

To reach reputation level 2 at the Trading Post, you need 300 reputation points, which can be achieved by selling 30 tier 1 rare fish, costing you 8 Trash Cubes in total.

To reach level 3, which is the maximum level, you need 3000 reputation points.

That’s how to get Bait in Raft.

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