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Seaweed is one of the common materials that can be found underwater in Raft, along with Sand, Clay, and ores.

Seaweed on its own can’t help you much besides allowing you to research and craft Flippers. However, its post-product – Vine Goo – is a versatile material with numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your survival and crafting capabilities.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Seaweed in Raft.

To get Seaweed in Raft, search the ocean floor near islands for groups of kelps and harvest the glowing parts on them.

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How to Get Seaweed in Raft

Since Seaweeds only spawn on the ocean floor near islands, you should find one first, hunt the shark, and prepare your diving gear.

Seaweed does not spawn around all island types in Raft. You can’t find Seaweed around Evergreen and Arctic islands.

Below is the number of Seaweeds you can find around each island type in Raft:

  • Small Tropical Islands: 7-37 Seaweeds
  • Large Tropical Islands: 21-125 Seaweeds
  • Evergreen Islands: none
  • Desert Islands: 14-25 Seaweeds
  • Arctic Islands: none

Once you’ve found an island, dive into the ocean floor and look for tall kelps. They usually spawn in groups and have a distinctive dark green color.

Next, look for kelp that has a glowing part, then press “E” on it to harvest Seaweed.

Two versions of Kelp in Raft

Not all kelp has this glowing part, so the number of Seaweeds you can harvest is less than the number of kelps you see on the ocean floor.

That’s how to get Seaweed in Raft!

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