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Glass plays an important role in Raft, as it is needed to craft the Advanced Purifier – a game-changing structure that enables you to get fresh water much quicker without using additional fuel.

Although the in-game instructions for getting Glass are pretty straightforward, you might have missed them due to the numerous events happening around the raft.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to make Glass in Raft.

To make Glass in Raft, you need to collect Sand on the ocean floor near islands and smelt it using either a Smelter or an Electric Smelter. You can also get Glass from most types of loot boxes.

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How to Make Glass in Raft

Glass is the product of smelting Sand in either of the two types of Smelters.

To get it, you first need to find an island and dive into the ocean to find Sand deposits. Every 1 Sand will give 1 Glass when smelted, so collect as many as you need.

To smelt sand using the normal Smelter, look at it and press “E” to put Planks in the bottom part. Up to 4 Planks can be used as fuel, and each burns for 50 seconds.

Next, put Sand in your hot bar, select it, and press “E” again to put it in the Smelter.

The Sand placed in the Smelter will turn into Glass after 60 seconds, regardless of the Smelter type.

To speed up the glass-making process, you can use the Electrical Smelter. It has 3 smelting slots and uses Batteries instead of Planks, which can save you a lot of materials needed for building.

Once the Sand is done smelting, you’ll notice a change in the item’s appearance in the Smelter. It looks darker and transparent.

Sand on the left and Glass on the right

To get the Glass out of the Smelter, look at it and press “E” again.

You can also get Glass directly from most types of loot boxes in Raft.

Each type of loot box gives 3-5 items when looted, and the probability of each item in each box being Glass is:

  • Raft Loot Box: 1.9%
  • Radio Tower Loot Box: 7.2%
  • Mountain Loot Box: 1.6%
  • Metal Loot Box: 13.5%
  • Randomized Materials Loot Box: 1%
  • Tangaroa Suitcase: 13%
  • Tangaroa Safe: 15.8%

That’s how to make Glass in Raft!

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