Raft – How to Get Water (Saltwater & Drinkable Freshwater)

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Keeping yourself hydrated is one thing you must do right from the start of Raft, as a low thirst bar will greatly slow down your character.

If you’ve just started playing the game, you might not know how to get drinkable water and keep seeing your thirst bar decreasing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get drinkable water in Raft.

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To get water in Raft, you must first get saltwater by holding one of the water container items (Empty Cup, Empty Bottle, or Empty Canteen) in your hand and pressing “E” while looking at the ocean. You then need to put saltwater in either a Simple Purifier, an Advanced Purifier, or an Electric Purifier to get drinkable water.

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How to Get Water in Raft

There are two types of water in Raft: saltwater and freshwater (or drinkable water).

To obtain saltwater, you must craft one of the following water container items:

  • Empty Cup: holds 1 unit of water. Crafted with 4 Plastics.
  • Empty Bottle: holds 5 units of water. Crafted with 6 Plastic and 4 Vine Goos.
  • Empty Canteen: holds 10 units of water. Crafted with 8 Plastic, 4 Leathers, and 4 Metal Ingots.

Once you have one of them, head to the side of your raft and look at the ocean. Then press “E” to get saltwater.

You can drink saltwater directly without further steps. However, doing so will decrease your thirst bar more than drinking nothing.

Therefore, you must purify your water before consuming it using either one of the following items:

  • Simple Purifier: can purify 1 unit of water at a time. It uses Planks as fuel, and it’s crafted with 6 Planks, 6 Palm Leaves, and 4 Plastics.
  • Advanced Purifier: can purify 5 units of water at a time. It doesn’t use any fuel, and it’s crafted with 8 Planks, 6 Plastics, and 4 Pieces of Glass.
  • Electric Purifier: can purify 15 units of water at a time. It uses a Battery and is crafted with 4 Titanium Ingots, 1 Circuit Board, 20 Plastics, and 5 Scraps.

How to Get Water Using a Simple Purifier

To use a Simple Purifier, look at it and select a water container item in your hand that contains saltwater. Then, press “E” to place the saltwater in the blue cup.

Next, place Planks on the bottom part of the Simple Purifier and wait. You can place a maximum of 3 Planks at a time.

After 30 seconds, the saltwater is purified and placed in the red cup on the side. You can then hold an empty water container item in your hand and press “E” to get freshwater from the Purifier.

With 3 Planks, you get 5 units of water using this method.

How to Get Water Using an Advanced Purifier

The Advanced Purifier is a game-changer, as it allows you to purify up to 5 units of water simultaneously without any fuel.

To use it, you need to put saltwater in the top container (the one covered with a plastic sheet), and after 51 seconds, the saltwater will be converted into freshwater and stored in the bottom container.

You can then scoop the freshwater out by pressing “E” with an empty water container item.

Remember that the Advanced Purifier counts both saltwater and freshwater for its maximum capacity. This means that if it’s storing 3 units of freshwater in the bottom container, you can only put 2 more units of saltwater in the top container.

How to Get Water Using an Electric Purifier

Unlike the other two Purifiers, an Electric Purifier requires a Battery and a specific placement to work.

That is because it pulls saltwater directly from the ocean, so you must place its back facing an open space (without foundations).

Once you have a Battery, put it on the Electric Purifier’s side. The machine will automatically purify saltwater and store freshwater in its integrated container, which can hold up to 15 units of water.

It takes around 5.33 seconds for an Electric Purifier to purify one unit of water, and you’ll get 75 units of water for each Battery use.

To get freshwater from an Electric Purifier, simply hold an empty water container item and press “E” while looking at the machine’s integrated container.

This is the best method to get water in Raft, as you don’t need to do anything besides taking the freshwater out of the container.

That’s how to get water in Raft!

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