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You need Honey to operate the Biofuel Refiner in Raft – a machine that makes Biofuel, which is needed for many other useful machines on your raft.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make Honey in Raft.

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You can craft Honey in Raft by combining 6 Honeycombs and 1 Glass. Honeycombs can be obtained from either natural beehives or player-crafted beehives, while Glass can be obtained by smelting Sand in the Smelter.

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How to Make Honey in Raft

Before you can make honey, you first need to research 1 Honeycomb and 1 Glass in the Research Table to unlock the recipe.

The Honey recipe is then located in the Resource tab, which is the sixth tab with a screw icon.

To craft one Honey, you’ll need 6 Honeycombs and 1 Glass.

Glass can be obtained quite easily by collecting Sand from the ocean floor near islands and smelting it in the Smelter.

Honeycomb, on the other hand, is quite rare in the early game.

You need 6 Honeycombs just to craft a single Honey, so you may struggle to craft enough Honey in the first few story islands to fuel your machines.

Honeycombs can only be obtained from two sources: natural beehives and player-crafted beehives.

Natural beehives are the ones that spawn on Balboa Island, Caravan Town, Evergreen Islands, and Desert Islands.

Each island has around 2 to 6 natural beehives, and each beehive gives 1 Honeycomb when collected.

Since Honeycombs don’t respawn, you need to travel to a lot of islands to keep gathering more, making this method less ideal for gathering a large number of Honeycombs.

The second method to get Honeycombs is building your own beehives, so you can farm Honeycombs on your raft.

This method requires you to travel to the islands mentioned above as well. Besides collecting Honeycombs, you also need to make the Sweep Net and catch bees there.

Catching bees gives you Bee Jars, which you can use to make beehives.

With the correct setup, you can get up to 3 Honeycombs per player-crafted beehive every 8 minutes. Plus, you don’t need to travel anywhere since everything you need is in one place.

That’s how to make Honey in Raft.

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