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You need Honey to make Biofuel, which you need to fuel many useful machines in Raft.

Honey is a product from bees. While progressing through the storyline, you may come across natural beehives on islands with bee swarms buzzing around them.

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Normal weapons like a Spear, a Sword, and even a Net Launcher do nothing to the bees. So, how do you catch Bees and bring them back to make your own farm?

You can catch Bees in Raft by using the Sweep Net on the flying Bee Swarms. Bee Swarms can be found on the story islands Balboa Island and Caravan Town, as well as their normal variants, which are evergreen islands and desert islands.

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How to Catch Bees in Raft

Before you can start catching bees, you need to craft the Sweep Net using 15 Planks, 6 Ropes, 2 Vine Goos, and 1 Bolt.

This recipe can be found in the Tools tab, indicated by a hammer and shovel icon. If you can’t find the recipe, try researching the required ingredients in the Research Table first.

Next, you must go to where the bees spawn in order to catch them.

Bee swarms only spawn on the following islands:

  • Balboa Island: the third story island in Raft. It is the first island where you encounter bee swarms.
  • Evergreen Islands: these islands have the same biome as Balboa Island and can be easily distinguished by the different dirt color along with the appearance of Pine trees and Birch trees.
  • Caravan Town: the fourth story island in Raft.
  • Desert Islands: have the same biome as Caravan Town. These islands have red dirt with Acacia trees and Mudhogs.

Even though you can craft the Sweep Net quite early on in the game, you can’t catch bees if you haven’t completed the second story island (Vasagatan) yet since you unlock Balboa Island’s coordinate and evergreen islands by completing Vasagatan.

Once you’re on an island where bees can spawn, you’ll see some areas with collapsed trees or stumps and some natural beehives on them, along with bee swarms buzzing around.

Now, select the Sweep Net in your hotbar, and click the left mouse button to catch bees.

The bee swarms may sometimes be too high up and out of your reach. If that’s the case, simply wait a while for them to come close to the ground and use the Sweep Net again.

How to Get Bee Jar

Bee Jars are obtained by catching Bees with the Sweep Net.

You will get 4-5 Bee Jars for each bee swarm you catch.

As for now, Bee Jars can only be used for researching and making Beehives, which can be placed on your raft to farm Honeycombs.

Since each Beehive costs 15 Bee Jars, you have to catch 3-4 bee swarms to make one. Therefore, it’s likely that you won’t be able to make your first Beehive after visiting Balboa Island.

We recommend that you search the island carefully, as Balboa Island may have more than 6 bee swarms, but usually only up to 6.

If it doesn’t have enough, you need to visit evergreen islands that spawn around Balboa Island. Alternatively, you can just travel away (roughly 1800 in-game meters), causing Balboa Island to despawn, and then enter its coordinates and revisit it.

That’s how to catch bees in Raft.

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