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Fishing and farming are the only two methods to get food in the early days of Raft. While fishing can provide you with fresh food very quickly, farming crops takes a bit more effort to get going.

However, the fishing rod will eventually break, costing you a lot of Planks and Ropes to make a new one. Farming crops, however, only requires you to build a crop plot once to plant the seeds.

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Making a crop plot and planting seeds is pretty straightforward, but sometimes players can get confused as to how planting seeds works.

To plant seeds in Raft, you need to place them in your hot bar, select them, and press “E” while facing the corresponding crop plot. You can only plant small seeds in Small Crop Plots, medium and small seeds in Medium Crop Plots, and large seeds in Large Crop Plots.

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How to Plant Seeds in Raft

Before you can start planting seeds, you need to research and build one of the three available crop plots in the game.

They are:

  • Small Crop Plot: 6 Planks and 4 Ropes.
  • Medium Crop Plot: 8 Planks and 4 Scraps.
  • Large Crop Plot: 10 Planks, 4 Ropes, 6 Nails, and 1 Hinge.

There is another special crop plot called “Old Shoe”, which can only be found from fishing.

However, the chance of finding it is low (less than 2% for both Fishing Rods), and it only has 1 planting slot, making it ineffective for farming purposes.

Each crop plot has different planting slots and allows for different types of seeds. So, before making one, head down to check which seed you have so you don’t build the wrong plot.

  • Small Crop Plot (3 planting slots)
    • Raw Potatoes
    • Raw Beets
    • Strawberry Seeds
    • Flower Seeds (White/Red/Blue/Yellow/Black)
  • Medium Crop Plot (2 planting slots)
    • Pineapple Seeds
    • Watermelon Seeds
    • All Seeds in the Previous Size
  • Large Crop Plot (1 planting slot)
    • Palm Seeds
    • Mango Seed
    • Pinecones
    • Birch Seed
    • Banana Seed

Once you’ve made a crop plot, put it in your hot bar and place it on your Raft. Next, put seeds in your hot bar and select them.

Finally, head to the crop plot and press “E” to plant the seeds.

If you have already pressed “E” but nothing happens, it’s because the seeds you’re using don’t fit in the crop plot.

For example, you can’t plant Palm Seeds in a Small Crop Plot, nor can you plant Raw Potatoes in a Large Crop Plot.

Advanced Crop Plots

Each crop plot also has its own advanced version, which is different in size (or dimension), material cost, and planting slots.

  • Advanced Small Crop Plot (4 planting slots): 8 Planks, 2 Ropes, and 3 Nails.
  • Advanced Medium Crop Plot (4 planting slots): 10 Planks, 4 Scraps, and 3 Nails.
  • Advanced Large Crop Plot (1 planting slot): 12 Planks, 4 Ropes, 12 Nails, and 1 Bolt.

In case you’re wondering, Advanced Crop Plots don’t make the seeds grow faster.

Watering the Seeds

After planting seeds in a crop plot, remember to water them using freshwater by holding a water container item with freshwater and pressing “E” while facing the crop plots.

Using the Sprinkler and Scarecrow in the mid-game is advisable to make growing crops easier.

The Sprinkler will automatically water the seeds for you, while the Scarecrow will attract seagulls, preventing them from stealing your seeds.

It’s worth noting that the chance of getting seeds back when harvesting mature plants isn’t 100%, except for Potatoes and Beets.

That’s why you should prioritize planting Potatoes and Beets over the others, as both of them can be used to make Vegetable Soup – one of the best foods in all stages of the game. Potatoes can also be used to make Biofuel.

That’s how to plant seeds in Raft!

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