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Building is an inevitable task in Raft, as you’ll need plenty of space for essential survival structures.

You can expand your raft with the Building Hammer by building more foundations. Gradually, your raft will increase in size as you build more floors, and later, you’ll build vertically for higher altitudes for the Antenna and Receiver setup.

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Mistakes can happen during building, though, and sometimes you misplace a floor or other structures, in which case, you’ll have to destroy it.

To destroy floors in Raft, hold the left mouse button on the floor you wish to remove while holding any type of Axe.

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How to Destroy Floors in Raft

There are three Axe variants in Raft, and all of them can be used to destroy floors.

  • Stone Axe: has 50 uses and is crafted with 6 Planks, 3 Stones, and 2 Ropes.
  • Metal Axe: has 120 uses and is crafted with 8 Planks, 2 Scraps, 4 Ropes, and 1 Bolt.
  • Titanium Axe: has 240 uses and is crafted with 8 Planks, 2 Ropes, 2 Bolts, and 2 Titanium Ingots.

Once you’ve crafted an Axe, equip it in your hot bar and hold the left mouse button to destroy any building structures on your raft.

Building structures are floors, foundations, walls, stairs, roofs, pillars, and doors.

Usually, it takes 2 hits in a row to destroy a building structure. If you release the left mouse button before the second hit, you have to hit the structure 2 times again.

This results in a waste of resources since each time the Axe hits the structure, its durability is reduced by 1, regardless of whether the structure is destroyed or not.

When you destroy a structure, you only gain half the resources used to build it back.

Destroying a floor will also destroy all building structures built on it, so it’s advisable to plan how you want to build your raft before building too much or to build more pillars on other sides of the raft before destroying your floors.

It’s also advisable to temporarily remove all the decorations and items placed on a floor you want to destroy or have hung on a wall near the floor to avoid loss.

That’s how to destroy floors in Raft!

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