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One of the most important components of many machines in Raft is batteries. Since batteries have durability points and will deplete after a short amount of time, many players will wonder if there is a way to recharge them.

In the first chapter, which includes the first three story islands, there is no way to recharge batteries. However, in the later chapters, players have access to two methods of recharging batteries in Raft.

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Yes, you can recharge batteries in Raft using either a Battery Charger or a Wind Turbine. The Battery Charger recipe can be found on Caravan Island (the second chapter), while the Wind Turbine recipe can be found on Varuna Point (the third chapter).

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Can You Recharge Batteries in Raft?

Before reaching the third chapter, the only way to recharge batteries in Raft is by using a Battery Charger.

The Battery Charger has 2 recharge slots and requires Biofuel to work. Each unit of Biofuel put in the machine can fully recharge up to 4 batteries, taking around 185 seconds to recharge each one.

By this point in the game, using Biofuel solely for recharging can be too costly, especially if you only have a single Beehive on the raft. However, it is a way to make sure you can keep all of the machines running at least.

If you want to be more efficient, try progressing further into the story to get to Varuna Point. Below this sunken island, you’ll find a blueprint for the Wind Turbine.

This structure is a game-changer, as it allows you to recharge batteries at no cost. The recharging time is also faster than that of the Battery Charger.

Remember to put the Wind Turbine at least 3 walls high on your raft to maximize its recharging speed.

When running in peak conditions, the machine takes around 140 seconds to fully recharge a normal Battery and 525 seconds to recharge an Advanced Battery.

That’s the answer to whether or not you can recharge batteries in Raft.

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