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Foundations play an essential role in Raft, as they serve as the base for building floors and other structures. Building more foundations is how you expand your raft in the game.

But what if you change your mind and want to change your raft’s shape? In other words, how can you remove foundations in Raft?

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You can use any type of Axe and hold the left mouse button to remove foundations in Raft. To remove Collection Nets from the raft’s foundation, simply hold the “X” key.

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How to Remove Foundations in Raft

Since a foundation is a building structure, you can destroy or remove it the same way you destroy floors.

Once you have equipped an Axe, you can hold the left mouse button while standing near and looking at a foundation to destroy it.

Your character will automatically swing the Axe at the foundation. A white circle will appear in the middle of the screen, indicating the removal progress.

The foundation is removed as long as you hit it two times in a row or the white circle is completely filled. You receive 50% of the resources spent on the foundation back when you destroy it.

It’s worth noting that your Axe’s durability is reduced each time it hits a foundation, not each time a foundation is removed.

So, in some cases where you need to multitask (shark attack, for example), it takes you more than 2 Axe durablities to destroy a single foundation.

Collection Nets can be built at the same level as foundations. Therefore, we consider them as “special foundations”.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove Collection Nets with an Axe, but you can hold the Remove key (bound to X by default) to pick up a Collection Net.

Foundations and Collection Nets can also be removed by the shark. If you don’t have an Axe, simply let the creature do the job for you!

Keep in mind that the shark will attack a random outer foundation or Collection Net, so if you don’t want to lose any important structures on the raft, removing foundations on your own is still better.

That’s how to remove foundations in Raft!

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