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You need Bolts to make many of the tools and weapons in Raft. When you unlock and research Metal Ingot, you’ll see that almost all new recipes require at least 1 Bolt.

That’s why learning how to make Bolts is essential to progressing in the game.

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To craft Bolts in Raft, first, research a Metal Ingot in the Research Table to unlock the Bolt recipe, then open the Resource crafting menu and use Metal Ingots to craft Bolts.

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How to Make Bolts in Raft

In the early game of Raft, crafting is the primary way to get Bolts.

First, you need to get a lot of Metal Ores and smelt them in the Smelter to get Metal Ingots.

Next, put 1 Metal Ingot in the Research Table and research it. You’ll unlock various new recipes after this step, including the Bolt recipe.

Open the crafting menu and locate the Resource tab, indicated by the screw icon.

From here, you can craft 1 Bolt using 1 Metal Ingot.

Bolts are also found in most loot boxes (except food ones).

Here’s a list of all loot boxes that may contain Bolts, with each percentage representing the probability of each item in that loot box being a Bolt:

  • Raft Loot Box: 6.3%
  • Radio Tower Loot Box: 10.3%
  • Mountain Loot Box: 6.5%
  • Metal Loot Box: 19.2%
  • Randomized Materials Loot Box: 3.8%
  • Tangaroa Suitcase: 13%
  • Tangaroa Safe: 15.8%

As you can see, the probability of getting Bolts from loot boxes is pretty high, and you’ll find a lot of them by exploring islands.

In our playthrough, where we’re in the late game, we rarely craft Bolts and mostly just get them from loot boxes. You also don’t need that many Bolts anyway and should save up Metal Ingots for other purposes.

That’s how to make Bolts in Raft!

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